CFTC Regulations, Expos and International Futures Trading to Further Legitimize Forex

In the finance sector, demand dictates the direction in which trading goes. The rise in forex as a way of investing and trading is leading to an increasing level of growth for many companies. For instance, the big news from Germany is that German forex broker FXFlat is planning on expanding its futures portfolio to include forex futures, which shows exactly how the demand for forex is allowing those directly involved in the industry to grow. The company claims that since launching the new facet of their offering, they have seen higher demand for it. The forex industry is highly competitive, but how is it seen to be growing from the outside?

One of the strongest aspects of the forex industry is that those trading forex know that they are protected under a series of regulations, and those brokers hoping to be successful need to ensure they offer consumers complete protection, legitimacy, and security. The forex industry is still monitored very closely by most governments, especially given the grey area over how forex capital is treated and traded. For instance, the US government have the Commodities Futures Trading Commission, which helps to regulate the commodity futures and options market, overseeing forex when traded as a future. Most platforms that consumers can trade forex on are regulated by the guidelines from the CFTC to ensure that they are above board.

The rise of the forex industry can also be seen in how it is viewed by other aspects of the world of business. The fact that there are awards for forex companies gives added legitimacy and will also help those considering entering the world of forex see the potential of the industry as a whole. Forex expos throughout the world, such as Dubai’s Forex Expo, which has seen considerable growth in recent years, also help to legitimize the industry and allow companies to stand out. Brokers can attend such expos and go in for such awards in order to legitimize themselves in the industry and show a willingness to engage with this form of trading.     

Of course, as FXFlat shows us, the best way to attract customers is to begin offering something of which there is high demand. FXFlat shows that the forex industry is in high demand, and with strong protections, it’s no surprise that there is an influx of those wanting to broker forex trades and those wanting to make them.

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