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Access Bank Promotes Female Inclusion and Empowerment Initiatives

Access Bank Promotes Female Inclusion and Empowerment Initiatives

Since the beginning of its activity, Access Bank Mozambique has promoted diversity and the inclusion of women in society and in the world of work. The Bank’s commitment to female empowerment and capacity building is reflected in the numerous actions it has promoted, such as programs and training aimed exclusively at women.

In February, the ‘Access Woman Network’ was launched, a social project led by the Bank’s employees, with the aim of promoting solidarity and love for others, providing social support to those who need it most.

Using the resources of the employees themselves and their families and friends, it was possible to raise around 4,000 sanitary towels, school materials, clothes, and non-perishable goods.

The initiative, which demonstrates Access Bank’s commitment to building a more supportive and equitable world, benefited hundreds of children and girls from shelters in the cities of Maputo, Beira, Chimoio and Nampula.

As part of the W-Initiative project, an empowerment initiative created to boost women through financial training, mentoring in business management and maternal health services, the Bank has already carried out some activities this year.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, the Bank organized a workshop with the theme “Inspiring Inclusion”. This event enabled women entrepreneurs to train through sessions led by experienced specialists. Throughout the session, topics such as leadership and the inclusion of women in society and the business world were addressed. It was also an opportunity to showcase the Pitch-a-ton Program, an initiative to support women entrepreneurs, which was created to provide women-led companies with opportunities to access world-class financing and business training, working in various areas and promoting the development of skills and job opportunities for candidates.

The Bank has also been focusing on developing skills for leadership and good corporate governance. To this end, in April it held a session on inclusion and diversity in the workplace. With the motto “What women who make it to the top of large organizations do differently”, the meeting brought together experts from well-known companies and organizations, such as Ernst & Young and New Faces New Voice. These initiatives reflect the Bank’s commitment to diversity and the inclusion of women in leadership positions, providing them with the necessary tools to achieve success in their professional areas.

Access Bank is thus reinforcing its commitment to remain a Bank focused on women, through various economic and social empowerment projects which, this year, will reach all the provinces where the Bank operates.

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