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Travel Guide: Flights From New York to Paris

Flights From New York to Paris

Are you a travel enthusiast who loves to explore and travel around the world? Or the one who wants to travel with a much faster means? If so, then surely you will be the one wondering around to find the best affordable and time efficient flight service. Well, there are different sorts of flight services with different features around us. Thus, it is always important for everyone to have a keen analysis of all the flight services in order to get the best service. One of the best flight services is French Bee. The French Bee is known as a unique company, one of its kind, known for offering low-cost and top-notch features during their flights that excite many of the people around here. In this article, we are going to explore all the basics about the new flight journey from New York to Paris with french bee. So let’s explore. 

Something about French Bee Company 

The French bee, as we have discussed, is a unique company that was started back in 2016 and is the reflection of the evolution of global air travel with a commitment to providing high-quality services at a low cost. The company’s first destination was Punta Cana back in 2016, while in the 2017 summer, they started their flight operation for the Indian Ocean with Reunion Island. In 2018, it was also seen that the company started operations abroad for Saint Francisco and Tahiti. The French bee company launched their first international flight back in 2021, but this doesn’t stop here. Recently, the company French Bee has started their flight operations from New York City to Paris. This flight from New York to Paris holds great importance, and hence comes into the spotlight.

Flight from New York to Paris by French 

The French bee company is known to have a level-slide operation. This flight operation from New York City to Paris has had a significant and great response from the very beginning. The operation was a pilot project and was planned to come into existence in 2020.

Announcement of new flight from New York City to Paris with a new technology

The French Bee is a reputable flight service. The company recently announced a fresh operation from New York City to Paris. This new destination operation is considered to be one of the most important flight operations for the company, and this new destination is expected to offer customers the opportunity to fly on an Airbus. This air bus is named A 350 900. The Airbus is known as a top-notch technology Airbus with all of the five-star features that make it completely competitive. While, attracting the customers to their amazing style and technological innovations.

Surely you will be thinking about the services this A350900 new Airbus from the French Bee company offers. So below we will discuss the technology of this Airbus.

Technology offers in the A350 900

The new technology of the Airbus A350 900 includes the new air exchange system, which is very important in maintaining the overall internal system and environment for the customers. Furthermore, this air bus provides better sound installation, LED lighting, and a spacious, man-made table design with the aim of providing luxury and comfort for the passengers.

What are the features that make the journey so competitive?  

The journey offered to every passenger from French bee is very different and this mix makes the company distinctive from others. The company is known for offering customers the possibility of various options. This custom journey services include window seats for the passengers who want to enjoy the beautiful views from the sky, while passengers can also have cozy cabins with a private cocoon. So that they can relax during their journey and not get exhausted.

Moreover, passengers can get the Maxi leg seat and entertainment, which definitely helps people have a more comfortable journey and can be leveraged to comfort their legs while keeping themselves entertained with music, movies, and games along with Wi-Fi packages. Further, the passengers can have their stomachs full by eating the cooked food, by top chefs. Also, passengers will get a travel kit that will help them on their comfortable journey.

What are the flight timings for the French  new flight operation from New York City to Paris?  

The flight operation from New York to Paris is mainly operated daily. While the flight from Newark Liberty International Airport to Paris Orly 4 Airport lasts for almost 7 hours and 25 minutes at an average speed. However, it is always important to keep in mind that with time there will be +5 hours during summer time. On the other hand there will be 6 hours plus winter time.

What is the departure and arrival time for the New York to Paris flight?  

Arrival and departure time is very important for all the passengers who have booked their tickets for this travel route. The departure time from New York City for this flight is 10:55 p.m. On the other hand, the arrival time in Paris is almost 12:20 p.m. + one day. So if you have already booked your flight, then this will definitely arrive on time without having any risk of losing your flight.

What is the distance during the New York to Paris flight?

The distance is very important to know for all the passengers who are traveling from one airport to another. This flight from Newark Liberty International Airport to Paris Orly Airport covers a distance of 3625 miles, which is almost 5833.872 km.

The right time to travel to Paris

We all know that Paris is a beautiful city that is owned and known for its business and tourism purposes. So whether you are a traveler or someone who wants to visit Paris for some business purpose, you can experience the most comfortable journey through a New York to Paris flight. If you are traveling to Paris for enjoyment purposes, then you should definitely visit the village of Montarte. Or if you are highly obvious with paintings, you should definitely visit Place du Tertre or the Parisian monuments. Also, you can visit the famous Eiffel Tower.


So we have discussed all the major details about the French bee New York to Paris flight, and can conclude that this flight from Airbus 365 900 holds a great important route along with top-notch facilities that can bring comfort abilities for the passengers.

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