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With Mother’s Day Approaching, Which Industries Will Benefit?

With Mother's Day Approaching, Which Industries Will Benefit?

As Mother’s Day approaches, more and more businesses are starting to get excited about the potential profits they’ll make. As the third-most profitable gift-giving holiday, companies must take advantage of this period to see massive gains. However, some industries will benefit more than others, and likely won’t have to market as aggressively, including the following.

Flower Industry

Flowers and Mother’s Day plants, like those from, are one of the most popular gifts to give to women and Mothers on any holiday, but the floral industry truly sees a lot of gains during this period. Flower retailers generate significant revenue during this period, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t able to market during the rest of the year. Flower subscription boxes are increasingly popular, and with many offering same-day shipping, you’ll never have to worry about your Mom’s present arriving late.

The flower industry should include items like wine to make even more money. Teddy bears, balloons, and chocolates are other great compliments to bouquets. However, flowers will always be massive sellers, regardless if they come with a handwritten card, vase, or jewelry.

Food/Baking Industry

It’s customary to cook breakfast-in-bed for Mother’s Day or take Moms out to Sunday brunch, so it’s no wonder the food and baking industry earns a lot of money at this time. Mothers of all shapes and sizes will enjoy indulging in their favorite foods, whether it’s a cracker and cheese platter, a blueberry muffin, or some Chicago-style pizza. Moms always seem to love chocolate, so include a box of her favorite caramels, nougats, or creme-filled sweets at lunch.

The food/backing industry should have a delivery service already, but if they don’t, it’s a good idea to ask Uber Eats or another third-party app to deliver sweets on Mother’s Day.

Makeup/Beauty Industry

The best part about makeup and the beauty industry is that there are so many options to choose from. Your Mother will probably have a fondness for a particular makeup brand or skincare line that she uses on a daily basis. Even purchasing a month’s worth of products she already has will put a smile on her face, but Mother’s Day could be a time to experiment. That’s why brands like Sephora produce new products that are Mom, Aunt, or Sister exclusive.

The makeup/beauty industry should focus on promoting youth or “beauty at every shape/size” during this time. Most Moms are likely to use beauty products to prolong their youthfulness. Makeup staples like mascara, foundation, eyebrow pomade, and foundation are big sellers.

Luxury Brand Industry

Luxury brands typically perform well, but during the holidays (any holiday), these brands stand to outshine other markets. Staying true to their name, luxury brands are just that, a luxury, so plenty of people will save for months to buy one product for their loved ones. Tiffany & Co, MissoniHome, Staub, Le Creuset, Gucci, Versace, and many other brands like these are only purchased once per year, most of the time at full price, as a way to impress their family.

Luxury brands should understand by now that they’ve bought for their flexing power, but that doesn’t mean they’re of low quality. Marketing focus should be on its price, regardless of quality.

Jewelry Industry

Speaking of luxury, most people will buy jewelry sparingly or for special occasions. One of those occasions happens to be Mother’s Day and usually in a personalized market. Jewelry that includes the word “Mom” or “I Love You” is trendy, but even diamond rings, diamond earrings, or gold cuffs see high returns during this time. Specialized sets, like ones produced by Disney after a big movie premier, are even more of a hit with Mother’s.

Jewelry brands are knowledgeable on why diamonds are popular around this time: they’re a symbol of luxury, a high-class lifestyle, and they’re sparkly and shiny. There are plenty of jewelers who sell sets that are cost-effective but still look beautiful.

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