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We Finally Know How Different New Samsung Galaxy Note Will Be

Samsung Galaxy Series

Samsung has always had some of the best smartphones in the world, which is especially true for its Note series. The last ones in the series, the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus, are still considered some of the best flagships on the market.

These phones can do practically everything users need. From making great pictures and videos, all the way to playing games like casino games — the Note 10 and Note Plus can handle anything. If you were to find a great online casino on, you’d be able to play all available casino games with ease on these phones.

When all of these things are taken into account, it becomes apparent why people are impatient to find out everything about the next Note. On top of that, the Galaxy Note series is known to improve upon Samsung’s main Galaxy S series, which makes it more anticipated than the main Galaxy S series.

Even though the Note 20 is likely to come out in August 2020, we already have some astonishing news about it.

Latest Information on Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The latest news about this highly anticipated phone comes from, whose people have done the detective work and made this information available.

They spotted some exciting details available in public China Compulsory Certification (CCC) documents. These details are necessary for the CCC if they are to give the certificates Samsung needs to release its products on the Chinese market.

What’s more, these documents reveal a lot about the upcoming phone. Whether or not Samsung intended for this to happen is irrelevant, what matters most is that the information gives us a glimpse into the future of one of Samsung’s most popular phones.

According to CCC documentation, the Galaxy Note 20 Plus has the model number SM-N986. We can also see that the phone will have upgraded 5G hardware and will support fast charging (both 25 and 45 watts). For reference, only the S20 Ultra from the three S20 models has the powerful 45W fast charging feature. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus also has this feature, but it doesn’t have the standards and certificates the Galaxy Note 20 Plus will have.

Based on the information found in those CCC documents, we can concur that the Note 20 Plus is likely to get the necessary certification to provide maximum current and thus offer the best charging speed possible. This should make it less expensive for Samsung to develop the Note 20 Plus, which means that it’s bound to cost significantly less than the S20 Ultra.

Further Details

Twitter leaks tell us that the Note 20 Plus is going to have the 108MP camera the S20 Ultra has, together with an improved autofocus system, while the regular Note 20 will follow the S20 Plus camera features.

The new Note models’ design is likely to mimic the S20 series, but we are still not 100% sure of that.

Most important of all, the well-known Twitter user who goes by the name, ‘Ice Universe’, has already revealed that the Note 20 will have a 120HZ display.

As for any other interesting leaks and new information, there’s nothing to do but patiently wait.

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