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International Women’s Day – #BreakTheBias

Women's Day

Each year, across the globe, 8th March is celebrated as International Women’s Day. The first-ever recognised celebration of this event dates back to the 28th of February, 1909, in honour of the garment workers in New York. It wasn’t until 1975, however, that United Nations officially marked 8th March as International Women’s Day. In 1977 it was finally recognised as a global holiday and is now celebrated in recognition of all the great women leaders that the world has seen. 

This holiday also sheds light on the issues that women face on a daily basis and helps draw attention to some of the more important issues. Inequality in the workspace and abuse/ violence faced by them in households is just one of the unfortunate issues that many women go through, even in this day and age. International Women’s Day helps open a dialogue for these issues while bridging the inequality gap. This international holiday also talks about all the achievements that women have accomplished throughout history, regardless of the field.

Over the years International Women’s Day has been celebrated with different themes and this year is no different. The theme for 2022 International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias. Deliberately, or unconsciously, bias can it difficult for women to move ahead. Breaking all forms of bias and stereotypes in society, workspace, the community is important to help women get ahead.  Fighting together for a world where everyone is treated equally and inclusivity is not looked down upon is very important. How can a country, community or company expect to grow if equal opportunities don’t exist?  A world where people are accepted and loved for their differences is a world that grows. Understanding how you can do your part is important.

Companies can show their appreciation by praising some of the women leaders that help bring the companies to new heights. Showing appreciation on International Women’s Day to your workforce will help strengthen the ideals and beliefs that women are equal and just as capable as everyone else. Companies can also be more mindful of the wages that women are being paid. If the wage gap exists in the company, senior management should work towards eliminating it altogether.

Companies like LinkedIn, HCL and John Deere are supporting International Women’s Day in several ways. LinkedIn has set up free online resources to help educate people on International Women’s Day. The course entails a variety of topics revolving around diversity, equity and inclusivity. It also offers in several popular languages, thus eliminating a barrier to entry and learning. Just a simple step in the right direction automatically helps makes the course more diverse and doesn’t discriminate against women who can’t speak English. Some topics covered in the course are as follows –

Break The Bias

Valuing intersectionality: Challenging societal labels

Women’s voices: setting the stage for equality.

Diversity, equity and inclusivity: Understanding the differences

Allyship: Closing the gap between recognition and action

Cultural diversity: Why it is important.

Lego has also launched a campaign called future builders. Through this campaign, Lego wants to promote innovation and growth in younger kids. Throughout their campaign, Lego claims that these young women are not just showing their creativity and imagination, but they’re also building their future. They will be the leaders of the future. Throughout their campaign, Lego has partnered with UN Women and promoted the Women’s Empowerment Principles. They vow to make their company a safer place to work, eliminating all boundaries that limit women, and hence, also promote equality.

International Women’s Day is all about forging a safer and equal world for women across the world. Brands can download I.D cards from the IWD website. These ID cards have different quotes and promises on them. Brands have full access to download these ID cards and upload them on their social media with their employees holding them. Standing in solidarity with women, with the different texts on the cards, and promising to make their companies an equal place to work, both in terms of opportunities and pay will help alleviate a brand’s legitimacy and brand image.

Calling women leaders to give a speech and inspire you can inspire the workforce. Why not call an inspiring women leader? Not only will this show that the company is trying to diversify by breaking down barriers, but it will also showcase the inclusivity and diversity factor that they are trying to build, which will further help improve the brand image. Companies can also fund and support charities that will women throughout the year, thereby, consistently developing an equal world for women across the globe.

Another example of how employees of a brand/ company can stand with women is by just adding the International Women’s Day background on their Zoom meetings. Zoom took the world by storm and most companies use its services to host and attend meetings. Using the IWD background shows that you are standing with women everywhere and will support them in their endeavours to build a brighter future.

Lastly, brands can also use the hashtag #BreakTheBarrier and upload pictures on their social media. The campaign is simple. Just upload a picture with your hands crossed with the hashtag #BreakTheBarrier. This shows your solidarity with women everywhere and that you promise to help eliminate stereotyping against women everywhere and aim to make the world a more inclusive and safer place for women everywhere.

Women have suffered a lot through the ages and it is up to us to help eliminate the huge inequality gap that has come from this. International Women’s Day is a reminder to all of us that women everywhere need a safer and equal standing in society. Brands across the globe can all join in on this effort to break down barriers and help build a better, equal and inclusive community for women everywhere.

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