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How to Map your Bedroom with Feng Shui?

How to Map your Bedroom with Feng Shui?

Your bedroom is one of the most powerful centers of your home, and positioning the furniture rightly lets positive energy (or chi) to flow throughout the space. According to the feng shui philosophy, your bedroom represents you! Wondering why? Well, that’s because you spend most of your time sleeping there and of course, it’s also the most private space in your home.

When you use feng shui to enhance your qi (or life force energy), it is important to surmount the feng shui bagua map over the entire house to decide where your bedroom is. Doing this will give you better knowledge for the best location for your bedroom.

Interestingly, the bagua location of the bedroom offers a clear perspective of how you can decorate the bedroom, considering your home’s overall energy.

Having said that. Here a few tips to implement to ensure you are mapping your bedroom with feng shui.

How to Map your Bedroom with Feng Shui?

Layout of the bagua map

1. Start with the bed placement

Whether you have an affordable full size mattress or a huge king-size mattress, the key lies in its placement with feng shui. In fact, that’s the center of attraction of your bedroom and needs maximum attention. How your bed is going to fit in your room is so crucial that the bagua map holds limited value unless the bed is rightly placed.

  • Headboard placement: Ideally, your headboard should be placed against the wall with enough space on bed’s either side for easy access. This means that your bed becomes the command or power spot: facing your door but not in line with it directly.
  • Footboard placement: Never place your bed in a way that the footboard is close to or lined up along the bedroom door because this is usually the “coffin” position and signifies “death.” Practically, it’s inauspicious or bad to sleep in such a configuration.
  • Bed placement: Your bed should be away from windows because the energy that comes from them flows over your bed, disturbing a good restful sleep. Also, a headboard located in front of the windows fails to be in the “command” position. Most importantly, don’t locate your bed under the overhead beam, as it represents “threat” to the overall wellbeing, and has a strong association with bad luck.
  • Don’t overlook the doors: Doublecheck all the doors in the bedroom and ensure they open freely without crowding or touching the bed. Keep the bathroom and closet doors closed when they aren’t in use. Open closet doors interfere with the energy flow and encourage stuck chi. On the other hand, any open bathroom door will risk draining your fortune away, particularly if your toilet is visible right from your bed.

How to Map your Bedroom with Feng Shui?

2. Map your bedroom rightly

Once you have positioned your bed and ensured that the doors open freely, without any obstruction, the next step is to apply the feng shui bagua in order to map the room to its energy areas. Doing this helps in placing the furniture pieces correctly.

  • Align the bedroom’s main door: Align the bagua’s lower border with the room’s main door.
  • Pay attention to your objectives and issues: Take into account your life’s most important objectives or biggest problems when deciding what energy types and areas to enhance.

3. Apply the bagua map

Understand that your bedroom isn’t a knickknack shop where one is tricked with red lanterns, little fountains, or bamboo plants to get a restful sleep. Hence, it shouldn’t look like one. Instead, harmonize it with the right elements, colors, decorations, furnishings, and textures to do it.

For example:

  • The farthest left corner from your bedroom’s main door is the Wealth area. To align this with feng shui, a nice red lampshade or a good red cushion placed on the rocking chair boosts wealth and energy there.
  • On the bagua, the upper right corner lies the relationship portion. Therefore, placing a painting or you and your partner’s photograph or a double bench will magnify relationship or romantic energy.
  • A small bookshelf or dresser in the family space amplifies togetherness, wellbeing, and love when you top it with a little dish of rose or a green bowl made of jade. But remember, no clutter!

Other Tips and Tricks to Note

Not every bedroom is a blank canvas where you will have sufficient space for some furniture pieces to fit in. So do the best and fix things to make it align with the principles of feng shui.

Having said that, here are a few tips and tricks to make a note of:

  1. Clear all the clutter from the bedroom

When it comes to feng shui, clutter basically signifies:

  • Unfinished business
  • Prevents your life from moving forward
  • Raises anxiety

Although well decorated, a bedroom must be sparse, at least as much as you can. Only little clutter and knick knacks must be contained.

However, you need to use items, which promote wellbeing and happiness, but you’ll have to cherry pick the pieces carefully. Rather than having 7-10 items and some memorabilia sitting on your shelf, why not go minimalistic and just use 2-3 pieces?

  1. Place the art pieces rightly

When it comes to feng shui, it’s vital to be around positive art pieces—something that can help you to envision and move towards your life goals.

To do this, decorate the walls of your bedroom, especially the one right opposite to your bed with any favorite art piece. When you do this, not only will this be the first thing you’ll see in the mornings but also the last thing when you sleep at night.

Make sure to set up a painting or any decor piece that reflects what you want to accomplish in life—be it love depictions, happiness, or a peaceful imagery.

  1. Don’t overlook the bedroom lightings

Relying only on overhead light installations can be harmful and harsh to a bedroom’s feng shui. Therefore, it’s vital to have various light sources.

For example, in the daytime, it’s ideal to have natural light rather than depending on tube lights or lamps or bulbs. Later, when the day ends, turn to softer lighting flike your lamp, fairy lights on the wall, etc.

In addition, candles are another excellent source to bring light into your bedroom. Why? Well, because they encourage intimacy.

How to Map your Bedroom with Feng Shui?

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Placing Your Bagua Map – In a Nutshell

The best part about a Bagua map is that it can be used for spaces of all sizes and designs. Whether you are looking at a whole house or something as simple as your work desk, there is a map for everything.

If you live in an apartment: Keep the bottom of the Bagua Map aligned to the front entrance wall. This wall is either gateway to knowledge, learning or helpful people.

If you live in a bungalow: Get a compass and place your career area in the north direction, the reputation area in the south, health in the west and ancestors’ blessing in the east. It is a good idea to place your bagua map in line with your floor plan and design the entire space.

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