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Dining 101: 10 Different Table Styles for Sale in the Market That You Can Buy Today

10 Different Table Styles for Sale in the Market That You Can Buy Today

The dining area is one of the most important areas of a house. It has its own beauty that no other room would make up for. It is not only a place where a family eats, it is where they talk, catch up, and share moments that will last a lifetime.

If you’re aiming to achieve a dining room that’s unique and lively, you have to start focusing on the design and color of the room. When the room itself isn’t big enough, you need to come up with a design that is not only attractive in the eyes but will also make the place where you eat with your loved ones look spacious.

With all of those things considered, it is only right that the dining area provides the best dining experience every day. From the wall arts to the actual dining table, everything should complement each other and not be odd-looking.

Looking to remodel your dining area soon? Below are some ideas on the most important component of the said room–the dining table.

Dining Table Ideas for Every Home

Glass Top Table

Tables with tops made out of glass are one of the most sophisticated dining tables available in the market. That is why it is no surprise that most homeowners opt for this type of table. They are easier to clean compared to their counterparts and can definitely blend in any style that you’re going for. Whether you’re planning to have a contemporary dining area or a cozy one, a glass material table would help you achieve them. When picking what type of glass should it be composed of, choose tempered safety glass.

Rustic Table

Going for a more natural-looking dining area? A rustic style dining table is your best bet. This design is suitable for cabins and cottages. With this, you have the liberty to choose between a rectangle or round-shaped table partnered with some wooden chairs. Aside from that, another option is to install long benches especially when multiple people reside in the place.

Marble Dining Table

If you’re looking for a clean-looking option for dining tables, marble-made ones are perfect for you. The exquisite tabletop can be molded in different shapes depending on your preference. It’s unique and it adds elegance to your dining space. And since the material is white in color, you may add spice to the tabletop by adding colorful beads and other creative add-ons so you can express your artistic side while enjoying your meals.

Laminate Touch Table

Everyone sees this type of table in pubs, coffee shops, restaurants, and fast-food chains. Some of these tables have a lot of layers to hold various things at full capacity. Most of the time, they are partnered with custom metal table bases and they can be used for a long period of time.

Contemporary Table

Contemporary types of tables are usually made for modern house owners. Since they’re more up-to-date, they can be in any size and shape. They can also be made out of various materials such as glass, breakable plastic, metal, basically any type of material. The holding capacity of this type of table depends on how it is designed.

Tile Tabletops Table

Want to know when you can do this? You can only have a tile tabletops table when you originally have wooden tabletops. This is like an upgrade by putting the tiles on top of the wood. What’s good about this material is that it matches any type of chair. This is a good remodeling idea if you’re looking to replace your old boring wooden tabletop.

Oval Table

Getting an oval table for your dining area is one of the best choices that you’ll ever make. They house a bunch of people without making the area too narrow. You can also get rectangular and round chairs to partner it with. Oval tables are supported with a bunch of table bases such as narrow and broad.

Square Table

This is probably one of the simplest types of tables available in the market. However, although the shape is typical, it can add elegance to the dining room depending on the design that it bears. Another benefit that it offers is the ample space that it gives for the sitting people. This type of table complements any type of chair so it’s not that hard to buy one. If you want to add more to it, you can put floral placemats or a beautiful vase on top of it.

Traditional Table

Are you not comfortable making big changes in the dining part of the house but still want a more contemporary look? Give the traditional dining table a chance. This type of table is made with various bases and it also has artistic parts in it that will add value to the aesthetics of the whole room. Apart from that, it’s best for those who want to move freely under the table as it offers a large space on that part.

Pedestal Based Table

Having a pedestal based table in your dining room provides a vintage feel and look. The shape of the pedestal base is up to you so make sure that the design you choose holds the entire table firmly. This type of table is best for elite class families. The base is normally sturdy and can hold the weight of what’s on top of it no matter how light or heavy they are. It is an excellent choice if you’re going for vintage yet elegant dining room aesthetics.


The things mentioned above are just some of the unique table ideas that you can use if you want to remodel your dining area. These tables will surely add beauty to the whole room and will also enhance the dining experience of everyone. If you’re very artistic, you can paint a mural on the wall depending on the look that you’re trying to achieve or hang some pendants, lamps, and even wall arts to make it more beautiful.

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