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“If Garfield ruled the world, mornings would start later in the day, you’d work two weeks and vacation the other 50, and chocolate would be a diet food.”

-Jim Davis, 2018

Decadent and compelling, only a select few can resist the charm of a luscious and creamy chocolate bar. However, not all chocolates are made equal but don`t worry, we got you covered, indulge yourself in the chocolates produced by some of the best brands in the business. We have listed some of the Top chocolate brands in the world:

1. Lindt & Sprüngli

Recognized as the market leader in the premium chocolate segment, Lindt and Sprüngli has completed a whopping 175 years of existence. It is considered one of the most iconic brands in the market, offering a wide range of products in over 120 countries around the world. Widely believed to be one of the most coveted chocolate brands, Lindt and Sprüngli have been making the world a happy place with their bars and miniature single squares in varieties including milk chocolate, peanut butter, mint chocolate, and many others. Their Global Key Brand remains the Lindt Brand which is their premium chocolate brand using the finest quality chocolate

Their local brands include

  1. Ghirardelli – A Prestigious American Brand
  2. Russell Stover Chocolates – America’s Number One in Boxed Chocolates
  3. Whitmans –  The largest and oldest brands of boxed chocolates in the United States
  4. Pangburn’s of Texas – Texas born and Loved by all
  5. Caffarel – Seducing Expression of Piemontese Chocolate tradition
  6. Hofbauer / Küfferle – Traditional Brands With Austrian Charm



2. Guylian

Guylian Chocolate

‘Happiness is German engineering, Italian cooking, and Belgian chocolate’

A Belgian chocolate brand, Guylian was able to carve a strong niche for itself in the luxury chocolate segment. The name is a fusion of Guy and Liliane Foubert, the husband-wife duo who began the company in 1960. Guylian chocolates have been aiding millions of people across the globe to embrace their passion for rich and luscious Belgian flavours. The melt in mouth chocolates and the unique seahorse logo make sure that the brand doesn’t go unnoticed. This Europeans Brand, signature milk and dark chocolate seashells, chocolate truffles, rich hazelnut pralinés, and velvety fruit mousses have helped them clinch a steady international recognition.

3. Ferrero Rocher


The Italian brand was founded by Michael Ferrero in 1982 in Europe. The exclusive golden creation offers the perfect fusion of wafer crunch, milk chocolate, and the heady flavour of hazelnut. The chocolate has been named after a grotto in the Roman Catholic shrine of Lourdes, Rocher de Massabielle. Not surprisingly, the brand is the largest consumer of hazelnut in the world, gobbling about 25% of the world`s hazelnut supply. This Europeans Chocolate Brands key ingredients, lecithin is used widely as a remedy for high cholesterol, depression, and anxiety. The golden-glint single piece packaging and the novel concept it presents imparts a strong brand image and high consumer appeal.

4. Godiva

Godiva Chocolates

Nearly 100 years after being found in Brussels, Godiva chocolates continue to honour their Belgian roots and heritage. The Lady Godiva inspired company continues to ensure that its recipes are closely guarded. In addition to their extraordinary truffles and pralines, people are hooked to their chocolate-dipped strawberries and unique flavours. The European Chocolate brand is widely regarded as an innovator in the gourmet chocolate segment and is instantly recognizable through its golden boxes. In light of its excellence, Godiva has been appointed as the supplier to the Court of Belgium.

5. Scharffen Berger


This relatively new brand was founded in 1997 by connoisseur Robert Steinberg and winemaker John Scharffenberger in San Francisco. They market their products as ‘chocolate with the soul of a wine.’ With a detailed manufacturing process, all the way from the bean to the bar, the European Chocolate brand delivers a flavour like no other. Scharffen Berger chocolates are carefully crafted through artisanal manufacturing methods which impart them a unique flavour profile.

6. Duc D’O:

Best Chocolate Brands in the world

Duc D`O was founded by Hendrik Verhelst and dates back to 1983. Their authentic Belgian craftsmanship and expertise, coupled with the finest ingredients promise an exquisite experience. This European Chocolate brand bring to the table a wide range of offerings including flaked truffles, liquor-filled chocolates, assorted pralines, and chocolate mousse tablets, among many others.

Now that you know the best chocolate brands out there, go ahead and try something new for yourself! While life is like a box of chocolate, with these brands, be assured that you`re gonna get something delicious.



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