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Google Introduces ‘School Time’: A Smart Solution for Managing Kids’ Smartwatch Use

School Time
  • Google introduces “School Time” feature for kids’ smartwatches, allowing parents to manage app usage and silence devices during school hours.
  • This move reflects a growing trend of smartwatch makers targeting younger users, potentially hinting at Google’s venture into kid-friendly smartwatches.

Have you noticed how smartwatches are becoming super popular among kids? Well, they’re about to get even more kid-friendly with a cool new feature from Google. It’s called “School Time,” and it’s meant to help parents manage their kids’ smartwatch use, especially during school hours.

Basically, with School Time, parents can control which apps their kids can use on their smartwatch. They can even silence the watch to avoid distractions during class. Pretty neat, right?

We’re not exactly sure how School Time will work yet, but we’re guessing parents will be able to set it up through their own Wear OS app. And we’re not sure if it’ll work on all WearOS devices or just newer ones like the Google Pixel Watch 2.

Now, Google isn’t the first to come up with this idea. Apple had a similar feature called “Schooltime” back in 2020 for its Apple Watches. It lets parents limit certain features during school hours, but still allows access to stuff like Activity Rings.

This move from Google seems like they’re paying more attention to younger smartwatch users. It’s not surprising considering that high school kids are getting into smartwatches to complement their Google Pixel phones. But even younger kids are getting interested in smartwatches, with brands like Fitbit offering options like the Fitbit Ace 3.

So, could this new School Time feature hint at Google making its own kid-friendly smartwatch? Who knows, but it seems like they’re heading in that direction!

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