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FIS Unveils Atelio: Transformative Fintech Platform for Seamless Financial Integration

FINANCEFIS Unveils Atelio
  • Atelio by FIS is an innovative fintech platform facilitating seamless integration of financial services for institutions, businesses, and developers, aiming to transform the financial landscape.
  • With three initial clients and potential for significant industry impact, Atelio aligns with Embedded Finance trends, leveraging FIS’ expertise and technology infrastructure to enable customized financial experiences and broadened customer reach.

FIS announceds Atelio by FIS as an innovative fintech platform designed to streamline integration of financial services across a variety of offerings for financial institutions, businesses and software developers. Atelio provides accessible components that embed existing FIS financial technologies and allow companies to create experiences such as deposit collection, fund transfer, card issuance, invoicing fraud prevention forecasting cash flow forecasting customer behaviour analysis across industries.

Atelio provides secure and compliant integration of financial services into products and workflows for companies to offer at the point of need – helping KeyBank, College Avenue and RoyalPay Inc to become customers quickly and seamlessly. According to an official press release by Atelio Inc, they already have three initial clients showing strong interest.

Representatives from FIS highlighted Atelio as an innovative initiative designed to transform financial services, providing businesses with new ways of innovating beyond conventional boundaries. According to Bain Capital forecasts, Atelio could play an essential role in meeting Embedded Finance trends which are predicted to represent significant portion of transactions and revenues by 2026.

FIS’ extensive expertise, technology infrastructure and suite of financial services bundled as a service enable Atelio banks and partners to engage in the ever-evolving landscape of financial innovation more readily, potentially broadening customer reach significantly and experiencing noticeable deposit growth compared to their peers. A press release details such research.

Atelio’s functionality enables banks, businesses, and developers to design customized financial experiences for their customers through distribution via FIS’ broad bank network and Worldpay’s collaboration to broaden access to the financial ecosystem.

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