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5 Important Elements for Your Brand Image

Brand Image

Brand image is a very important aspect of any business. It’s essential that customers have the right impression of you and that they view you favorably. Luckily, it’s possible to take control over this process and have a major influence over customer opinions. To do this, you need to focus on five key elements of your brand image. Below, we’ll highlight these elements and why it’s important for you to consider them carefully when crafting your ideal brand image.

A Cohesive Color Scheme

A great place to start is with your brand’s color scheme. These are the colors that you use throughout all the different elements of your business, such as the logo, website, and advertisements. Which colors you choose have a big impact on how customers perceive you. For example, the color blue is typically associated with dependability while yellow is associated with hunger.

At the same time, you can’t choose too many colors, as your brand image will feel disjointed. Therefore, it’s important to settle on three or four primary colors to use throughout your brand that best represent the desired feeling you’re going for. If you’re unsure of what colors to use, try out a few different combinations and seek feedback from your audience.

A Memorable Logo

Once you decide on some colors, then you can start to think about your logo. You need to have a logo that’s easily recognizable and associated with your brand. Think of some of the biggest companies in the world – Amazon, Coke, Apple – they all have logos that you would recognize even without the company name. If you already have a brand logo, make sure it’s using the color scheme you chose and that it’s memorable.

If it isn’t, or if you don’t already have a logo, now is the time to design one. Unless you have some experience in graphic design, you’ll likely either want to work with a logo design service. Considering how important the logo is, and how long you’ll use it, hiring someone to do this for you is good value.

An Eye-Catching Website Design

These days, many people get their information through the internet. No matter what sort of business you’re running, you’ll likely want a strong website to bring in customers. How you design your website says a lot about your brand’s personality. For example, a website with a lot of bright colors and flashy animations might appeal to a younger audience, while a website with a more subdued color scheme and text might appeal more to professionals.

This is another area where you’ll likely want to hire a service to develop your website for you, as it’s where much of your audience will form their first opinion of you. Find a good service, discuss your color scheme and audience with them, then let them do the work.

On-Brand Social Media Posts

Your brand image goes beyond just the colors you choose for your logo and website. Another important aspect is your social media presence. Social media is a great tool for bringing in customers and interacting with them, but only if you do it right. It’s important for the people running your social media accounts to interact with your audience in a way that goes along with your brand image. For instance, a business that caters to high-level CEOs will likely speak differently on social media than a business that caters to college students. The type of content you share and how you share it all play a role so think carefully about how you’re using your social media and ensure it gels with your brand image.

Appropriate Customer Interactions

Finally, social media isn’t the only place where you interact with customers. You may also do so over the phone, through email, or through a live chat feature. In each of these interactions, you need to keep your brand image in mind. Remaining professional in all your customer service interactions will create a professional brand image. This also goes for any content you write on your website, such as blog posts or guides.

Start Focusing on Your Brand Image

Your brand image can play a vital role in determining the success of your business. If you have a strong brand image, customers are more likely to remember you and associate a positive experience with you. On the other hand, if you have a poor brand image, customers are less likely to come back or recommend you to others. By following the steps above, you should be able to lay a strong foundation for a good brand image and start to reap the benefits before long.

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