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Top 9 Fashion Influencers To Follow


In the present commercial age, fashion influencers are rendering it easy for anyone to comprehend fashion, be in a sort of manner, and establish their unique concept of flair in fashion.

They not only encourage trend and flair by educating people about contemporary industry fads, lifestyle, body types, color theory, and so on, but they actively support local and regional fashion designers as well as huge fashion businesses.

Fashion influencers have emerged as a critical component of social media marketing.

Practically everybody has built a digital footprint in users’ life. When it comes to hearing about a fresh item or a unique fashion brand, people turn to social media and fashion influencers.

We have, in this post, listed some of the top fashion influencers to follow on Instagram not just to enhance your fashion sense but to also get an idea if you aspire to be one.

1. Rachel Richardson

Rachel Richardson

Source: Instagram

Rachel Richardson is the driving spirit driving “Lovely in LA”. It’s a Los Angeles-based fashion blog.

She has encouraged numerous women to be confident and accept their shapes, get excited with apparel, and appear and play their finest throughout her profession as a marketing consultant, fit model, brand manager, and fashion influencer.

She started her weblog as an artistic expression and a way to showcase both – the incredible collection and the diversity of trends that are easily accessible to other women, who are trying to break out from “the plus-size rut.”

Rachel’s queer style is a great combination of California elegance and composure. Her daily appearances vary from bright summer dresses to classy outerwear to casual blazers and jeans.

2. Rochelle Johnson

Rochelle Johnson

Source: Instagram

Rochelle Johnson started her fashion blog “Beauticurve” upon receiving a deal of support from acquaintances, pals, and a large Instagram following who noted how this plus-size fashion diva was usually dressed well.

She utilizes her voice to document her fashion experiences and encourage people to style with conviction and a touch of amusement, defying all the “rules” of plus-size attire.

Rochelle has a refined perception of fashion, and her characteristic look is polished, exquisite, and feminine, with a dash of sharpness and pattern clashing tossed in for good measure.

3. Chriselle Lim

Chriselle Lim

Source: Instagram

Chriselle Lim, a closet designer and YouTube vlogger living in Los Angeles, is the stylish spirit driving “The Chriselle Factor,” a fashion blog that shares her individual style.

Lim writes about fashion, cosmetics, and leisure subjects on her blog and social media platforms, including everything from traveling to exercise and interior decorating.

She posts pictures of the drool-worthy clothing she dresses for Fashion Week in Paris and New York City, among other fashionable destinations.

This blog is a key attraction for anybody seeking up-to-the-minute clothing ideas, as it is influenced by a super-feminine and totally trend-obsessed sense of fashion.

4. Charlotte Emily Sanders

Charlotte Emily Sanders

Source: Instagram

Charlotte Saunders is the epitome of understated elegance. If you like a simple color scheme, a strong and feminine blend, and seamless suiting, you’ll fall in love with Saunders’ fashion in as few as three postings.

Charlotte’s style is evident because of her business, Sundarbay, which is sported by many stars. You may also follow her on Instagram for articles on great restaurants in London and interior decorating.

5. Lisa Ing Marinelli

Lisa Ing Marinelli

Source: Instagram

We really adore how Lisa Ing Marinelli, a London-based professional lawyer and mom of two, manages to do it all with maintaining her impeccable style.

She spends her money on products that she can re-wear for a prolonged length of time and in multiple combinations, embracing a buy wisely, not frequently attitude to fashion. Her fashion is both functional and elegant, avoiding fads.

She doesn’t flinch back from the hardships of ordinary living while photographing her daily attire on her commute to the workplace.

6. Tamara Kalinic

Tamara Kalinic

Source: Instagram

Tamara Kalinic is consistently on the cutting edge of fashion. Although her Instagram highlights her expertise with the industry’s top prestige companies, her YouTube account gives you a feel of her down-to-earth demeanor. Tamara will not disappoint you if you are a fan of branded things or want an insider’s perspective on the industry.

7. Rikke Krefting

Tamara Kalinic

Source: Instagram

Rikke Krefting’s Instagram page is for all fashion and elegance aficionados who invest hours browsing through the platform.

You cannot resist but descend in adoration with her innovative silhouettes, basic mixes, and purpose wearing, even if her fashion is polished, regulated, and simple. Krefting is the woman to follow if you’re looking for a steady source of inspiration.

8. Isabelle Cohen

Isabelle Cohen

Source: Instagram

We wish we had Isabelle Cohen’s cool. Her distinct sense of style distinguishes her as a stunning, cult find in the fashion world.

She doesn’t take herself too seriously when it comes to her wardrobe, and she frequently swaps things around without hesitation. Isabelle isn’t hesitant to push the boundaries of fashion, from a top and skirt combo to a midi dress with a leather blazer.

9. April Lockhart

April Lockhart

Source: Instagram

If there’s one thing you’ll notice about April, it’s that she can pull off just about everything she puts on.

If she’s not shooting the ultimate picture, she’s most likely wearing a patterned dress with western boots or exhibiting the nicest pairs of footwear that make us long for milder weather.

Collaborating With Fashion Influencers

Social Media

Source: Unsplash

In the internet age, the extremely graphic sectors of fashion and beauty are seeing an unprecedented surge of upheaval.

We were accustomed to getting our clothing information from glamorous fashion magazines, which told us what was hot and what wasn’t, how to prepare for the period, and if stretched trousers were a “do” or a “don’t.”

That period of time has now passed. On media platforms, influencer marketing is creating a big splash.

This time, the big winners are YouTube and Instagram, as well as businesses. By scrolling over your smartphone, you can explore different fashion inspirations. By touching your fingertips on an appropriate video or image, you may grasp advanced styles and practices.

Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • With the support of fashion influencers, creating advertisements and growing your business is simple.
  • It is the most effective method of directly contacting your target audience.
  • As you are already aware of the fashion influencer’s unique preference and demeanor. There will always be a sense of trust.

Many well-known brands collaborate with fashion influencers to market their products. With Instagram’s additional promoted adoptions, many businesses are turning to well-known social media influencers to market their products.

Advertising with social media influencers enables businesses to connect to a variety of Instagram audiences and develop interactions with prospective consumers, resulting in more profitable activity and corporate attachment.

Influencer market research will help brands to work closely with well-known social media influencers to create ideal lifestyle branded material that speaks immediately to the brand’s intended audience.

You can try to increase your followers if you are also trying to grow as a fashion influencer on Instagram.


These were the top fashion influencers you must follow on Instagram to keep up with all the new fashion fads. With people’s growing interest in fashion trends and styles, influencer marketing has become an important part of promoting a brand or business.

You can now comprehend all the marketing techniques without losing on any new fashion trends.

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