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The Urgent Need for Translation in Travel: A Case Study From Tomedes


If a business wants to reach its full potential, the next phase is global expansion by entering a foreign market. It’s especially true once you read the market growth forecast that the international digital marketing industry will be worth 786.2 billion USD by 2026.

But what if you’re a business planning to launch multiple international marketing campaigns across different countries and regions. How will you be able to create daily multilingual marketing content that’s in line with the cultural and linguistic preferences of your target markets?

That was an issue that a travel agency found itself in when they sought out the services of Tomedes, a marketing translation services agency that supports small businesses to Fortune 500 companies in reaching new markets with the power of translation; they provided digital and traditional forms of marketing that their target audience can relate with.

When they sent out an inquiry email to Tomedes, it said: “Can you provide daily multilingual content across five markets that will be ready at the start of each day? This marketing campaign will last up to a month. Will you be able to accommodate our request?”

As one of the leading experts in marketing translations, Tomedes couldn’t resist taking up the challenge.

Today, we will discuss how they were able to accomplish in providing fast delivery and high-quality multilingual marketing content for their business client.

Let’s get started!

More than a Decade of Experience in Marketing Translation Services

On their “About Us” page, they explained that in 2007, the translation industry had several gaps that compelled Tomedes’ founder and CEO, Ofer Tirosh, to create this agency to fix these problems. He created Tomedes to become a platform where language experts can communicate and design solutions for various sectors in the translation industry, like marketing translation services.

In researching this article, we had the pleasure of interviewing the Chief Marketing Officer of Tomedes, William Mamane, who oversaw the development of this crucial and urgent marketing campaign. He might have been there when Tirosh first laid out the agency’s foundation, but he has been a part of some of Tomedes’ milestones and journey to becoming the forerunner that it is right now.

To give us some context on how different marketing translations are compared to other types of professional translations, Mamane explained how Tomedes proceeds when it comes to their marketing translation projects, they have native translators trained and specialized in marketing work on the projects.

“In marketing, you need to have a strong grasp of your target audience and understand the techniques involved in promoting a brand. When a translator works on a marketing campaign, we can guarantee that they are trained to not only provide high-quality translations but can effectively communicate to any target locale,” Mamane explained.

When Tomedes receives a marketing project, Mamane stated that one of their first objectives when talking with their business clients is understanding the client’s branding and goals in the target markets they want to expand into.

“Even though I’ve only been with Tomedes for a couple of years, I could say that in marketing for a global audience the most effective way for a brand to reach out to them is by creating content that communicates to them in their mother tongue and personally creates a connection with them,” Mamane said.

Providing Daily Marketing Translations Across Several Regions and Platforms

The travel agency that inquired about Tomedes for creating daily multilingual marketing content that will target different markets. As we couldn’t divulge the travel agency’s name due to Tomedes’ client confidentiality policy, we can give you some background about the travel agency.

At that time, the travel agency was a relatively well-established business where they were physically operating. But as they saw an opportunity to expand their agency across other markets with their multilingual website and online platform.

However, the problem they saw was that they hadn’t made a proper digital marketing campaign for their international audience, which is why they sought out Tomedes’s marketing translation services.

One month isn’t enough for any business that wants to see significant growth through their marketing campaign in the long run. It will require continuously creating relevant content for the travel agency’s clients and making adjustments now and then to keep up with trends.

But this travel agency wanted to go all the way in the first month of their marketing campaign. And after a month, depending on the outcome of their campaign, they would stop their campaign or continue it.

They didn’t necessarily have to continue it with Tomedes afterward. What was important to them was that they had created the best impression within that time frame of their campaign.

They chose Tomedes because of their high customer satisfaction rating of 98% and based on the companies that had partnered with them for marketing translations, like Google and Amazon. And so, they took a chance with one email that led to a month-long campaign.

Smart “Human” Translations: Combining Advanced Technology with Human Expertise

To achieve fast delivery and high accuracy in all their translation projects, part of Tomedes’  philosophy is Smart “Human” Translations. If you want to get the best of both worlds, the fast delivery of technology with the accuracy and human sensibility in translations, you will need to combine them.

This has allowed Tomedes to give the kind of service their client needs in creating multilingual content across different social media platforms for several markets every day.

“For many people, when they hear about machine translation, they immediately think that the translation is poor quality. It’s not with us at Tomedes because when it comes to fast production that demands great scrutiny, our native translators post-edit all of the content translated, ensuring that it remains relatable to the target audience,” Mamane stated.

Pre-Planning and Planning Phase for Translating a Travel Agency’s Marketing Campaign

When we asked Mamane how Tomedes was able to accomplish creating content daily that would be able to achieve a round-the-clock marketing campaign in a month, he emphasized how crucial planning was for the success of their marketing efforts.

“Marketing translation services require a lot of time for preparation and pre-planning. Before developing the content, we had to evaluate what areas were good to go with the project and what areas had issues that needed to be resolved right away,” Mamane explained.

An example of this is that Tomedes assisted the travel agency with their market research and developing a buyers profile of each market they were planning to enter during the preplanning and preparation phase of the campaign.

Lessons on Logistics and Management

We’ve listed here a couple of insights from Tomedes while they worked on the marketing campaign of the travel agency.

  • Hire Specialists Who Can Get the Job Done Right. There’s a reason why experts tend to cost more. That’s because of the level of their expertise and experience in their field. If you’re planning to do a project that requires skilled workers to accomplish it, hire those individuals because it will prove fruitful in the long run.
  • Be Honest About What You’re Capable of Accomplishing. Yes, Tomedes took up the challenge by the travel agency in translating the marketing content across several countries. But with every challenge they face, they are transparent with the situation. And so they were able to develop trust with each other because of this openness.
  • Quality Service Comes From Quality Management. Mamane explained that to achieve the desired results, you will have to allocate time and resources to ensure your employees have the means to achieve them. Efficiency is of utmost importance. However, it should never compromise the quality of the final product, which is especially true in marketing.
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