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Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's day

May 8th, globally, is set aside to honour, remember, and show our appreciation for the one driving force in all our lives- a mother. A mother is an embodiment of selflessness, someone who shares your joys and sorrows. It is, therefore, only natural that this day is celebrated by doing something special.

Brands can play a huge role on this day to make it memorable for mothers and their family that celebrates them. Studies reveal that around 48% of customers shop for Mother’s Day in the last week. This can be a huge bonus for brands as this will help get sales up dramatically. From offering customers bundles, to other features such as free shipping on offers over a certain amount, brands can make customers spend more.

Sometimes luring in customers by offering free goods with a purchase can help increase brand retention and form a positive opinion in the customers’ minds. Of course, companies can giveaway some low-tier products. They can also include the price of the “free product” in the purchase, thereby, increasing sales, and convincing the customers that they actually got a free product.

Clever bundling can go a long way. Sometimes it also helps to genuinely give away free products with a purchase. Giving away old inventory can help companies clear their warehouses and they won’t have to worry on the fixed costs that they will incur.

Fashion brands can create blogs and guides that they publish on Mother’s Day. It will help customers get a better idea on what gifts are trending and what gifts are acceptable. Especially for their target audience that has a tough time picking gifts, referring to guides put out by reputable fashion brands can help gain traction and will also attract those customers to your brand.

Fashion Brands


Brands can also offer limited edition Mother’s Day kits or bundles. Not only will this make the product that much more exclusive, but the company can also charge a premium on these bundles. Since this holiday already has a sentimental value attached to it, customers are usually willing to pay a slightly higher price.  Brands can also set up re-targetting campaigns for customers who abandon their carts. Companies can do this by collecting data in the form of cookies and placing heatmaps across the website. This stage of customer analysis is crucial to understanding what went wrong and how brands can capture customer attention and increase conversions.

Sometimes it’s hard for brands to come up with creatives and content to go on social media. In this case, brands can use hashtags and encourage user-generated content. This will not only save the brand time and money, but by repositing customers’ content, they also provide traffic to their customer’s profiles. In 2017, The Body Shop launched a campaign by the name of #GotItFromHer. The idea behind this campaign was to share photos of mothers that have passed on quirky traits.

The Body Shop

Consumers look for social proof, and UGC is the perfect way to gain their trust, thereby earning your brand more business. Moreover, UGC is also very cost-effective since your followers produce content on their own time and with their own resources rather than hiring contractors or using an in-house team. Share your consumers’ UGC posts in your campaigns!

Twitter is the most popular social media platform for talking about Mother’s Day. Utilize relevant and specific messaging by tailoring content to the audience’s tweets to maximize engagement. Participate in the Mother’s Day discussion by targeting specific keywords.

Influencer led marketing campaigns can also help put your brand name out there while also keeping your brand relatable. The authenticity and reach of influencers can be leveraged for promoting your products during this Mother’s Day shopping season. Influencers know how to connect their offering to their followers’ needs and understand their audiences’ needs. You can run contests, giveaways, affiliate links, and more with influencer-led marketing! This is a great approach to marketing that makes use of your creativity.

At the end of it, your marketing goal should be in line with your overall strategy. Whether it is to improve impressions or drive traffic to your website, or increase sales, the goals and the activities need to work together. Often times brands engage in celebrations without analysing how their marketing activities will impact their overall marketing goal. This lack of foresight can lead to disastrous results.

Mother’s Day has a very emotional connotation attached to it. Planning and engaging with your audience accordingly can help drive your business for the next several months. Understand the sentiment and work towards building a community and strengthening your brand position which will lead to great results in the long run.

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