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The Advanced SEO and Marketing Tools Your Website Needs

The Advanced SEO and Marketing Tools Your Website Needs

Advanced marketing and SEO tools require some degree of expertise, not just how to deploy the tools but also a working knowledge of SEO practice. They’re the tools that will put any website on the map. Some website tools are geared towards improving the user experience, such as live chatbots and interactive FAQs, and some tools are the driving force behind website traffic and help you better understand its performance. The features we will discuss below will tap into both the user experience and the SEO and marketing side of things, so keep reading to learn more.

Advanced Marketing Tools

Marketing serves a purpose for the user and a business. 75% of users judge a business’s credibility based on a company’s web design, and the more interactive features a web editor has for your website developer to select, the better. Let’s kick it off with two advanced features that serve a business and the users.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the OG’s of marketing used since the dawn of emails. It didn’t take businesses long to realize how easy it is to send a promotional email! Thanks to advanced marketing tools, it’s easy to create and share email marketing content with the masses that should help to drive organic traffic to the website and improve customer engagement.

Although other marketing methods might be fancier and more technical, sometimes simplicity is key. That’s what 9 out of 10 marketers agree with, who all use email marketing as a way of delivering organic content. Plus, there’s a glorious return on investment. Every $1 spent on email marketing can return up to $42, statistics show.

Video Posts

We mentioned above that users judge the credibility of a website on its design and how interactive it is. And, interestingly, 79% of marketers agree that combining interactive content with content marketing strategies increases message retention and therefore increases consumer retention.

In comes a video maker to save the day. Some website editors have video creation and editing software integrated into an editor dashboard that makes video creation and editing easier than ever before. Video content is a tool 60% of businesses use as a marketing tool, with 36% creating multiple videos a week. Why? Because 95% of viewers think a video helps them retain messages better, compared to 38% that prefer written content.

A well-designed, eye-catching, and market-suited video can work wonders for consumer engagement from a marketing point of view.

Advanced SEO Tools

Advanced SEO tools are what will take your website from being trapped in the sea of the other 200 million active websites to being the number one top dog. Remember, integrating these SEO tools into a website is better suited to the abilities of a professional.

Google Analytics

Every man and their dog who knows anything about SEO and optimizing a website for SEO knows about Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a powerful SEO tool that measures the performance of your website by analyzing various bits of data. Here’s a rundown of what data Google Analytics can provide you with:

  • Website visits
  • Most popular pages
  • Page interactions
  • Demographic of website traffic
  • Time spent on the website
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversions

There are a few more perks to Google Analytics, but they’re the most useful for SEO purposes. What it basically gives you is a broad overview of who visits your website. Where they’re visiting from, how long they stayed, and whether they converted from website traffic to a consumer.

XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps are mainly there for SEO purposes, but they do also help with consumer navigation. A sitemap is basically a map that lists all the pages on a website, making it easier to navigate – particularly for the elusive Google bots that crawl websites looking for ways to rank it.

Some website editing tools, such as Editor X, have an XML sitemap feature that, when used, will automatically update and maintain the sitemap of a website. That speeds up page discoveries and should help Google to rank your website.

Bear in mind, if your website is huge with content regularly added, such as a popular lifestyle blog would, you might need to split an index sitemap. One XML sitemap can hold 50,000 URLs. A website with over 50,000 URLs will need a separate sitemap. That’s something a professional website builder will discuss and maintain with you.

Integrating powerful SEO and marketing tools into your website can only bring benefits. While considering both the user and business needs, these tools have the power to put your website on the map. Of course, these tools are one piece of the puzzle. For their implementation to be effective, other marketing and sales strategies should be used alongside them.

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