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Evolution Games adds more Live Dealer Titles

Evolution Games

With so many online games available, it’s understandable that many gaming developers are around, too. And over the last few years, Evolution Gaming has become a powerhouse in the iGaming industry. From creating its own games and competing in the marketplace to becoming one of the biggest brands in the business, Evolution Gaming is constantly…evolving.

Part of this process is creating new games regularly. Some of the most popular games are live dealer table games, and it’s good news the company unveiled more titles to its portfolio. Live dealer games involve real dealers, tables and cards (or roulette wheels); online players get to bet on the action and interact with the dealers, just as they would in a real casino.

Becoming the Best in the Business

When Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006, it began its mission to revolutionise the industry, with a huge focus on live dealer games.

Fast forward a few years to 2013, and Evolution Gaming opened its 100th live table at its Riga studios in Latvia. That made it the largest single-site casino operation in Europe. And the quest to bring the best in live dealer games continues to this day.

Studios opened in Belgium, Spain, Romania, even in the USA when online gambling became legalised. The expansion continued when the company acquired NetEnt, one of Sweden’s biggest gaming companies, responsible for some of the world’s most popular slots.

Evolution even entered talks to acquire Big Time Gaming in 2021, continuing its domination of the industry. But there’s always been a massive dedication to live dealer gaming, where it focused its original efforts. It continues to deliver on that front with more live dealer titles.

Furiously Fast Blackjack

Already known for its various versions of live blackjack, Lightning Blackjack takes the classic game and supercharges it with its RNG-based Lightning Card multipliers. This feature is used in every round of the game to give you the chance to land even bigger wins than normal.

Like the other ‘Lightning’ games in its repertoire, this game can involve an infinite number of players, so you’ll always have someone to play alongside. Players also benefit from a randomly generated multiplier between two and 25 times their stake on a winning score. This multiplier is saved for the next round, and the payouts increase each time you win. It’s played fast, and the winnings come in fast, too.

Baccarat Like Never Before

Evolution Gaming specialises in putting a special twist on games, and that’s true on Golden Wealth Baccarat. Multipliers feature heavily, and the VIP setting gives off a true VIP experience.

But it’s the augmented reality mixed with the real live action that makes it a truly unique and immersive experience. Gold stardust is spread around in the augmented reality pot, with a golden card dealt on the table to show the multiplier. When you finish a round, the cards and multipliers are revealed, and if it’s a win, the coins come flying down into your virtual account.

Take a Blimp Ride in the Sky

Cash or Crash is a fun live game show that is as entertaining as it is easy to play. Using the famed augmented reality, the game gives you the chance to take an immersive journey through the skies on a blimp ride.

The hosts are in full air host garb, and it’s up to you to move up the ladder-style paytable. The higher you get, the bigger the payouts. Balls are drawn like in a lottery game, with green balls sending you up and red crashing you down. The gold ball offers protection against reds but also helps you win up to 50,000 times your stake.

Try a Classic Game of Chance

Not content with live game shows, live dealer games and pushing the boundaries on all sorts of live games, Evolution Gaming also allows you to play the authentic Asian bead game of chance.

Like all the other games, as long as you’ve found somewhere good to play, you’ll be able to experience these live dealer games. Now you can try out Fan Tan!, a game of chance that just requires you to predict the number of beads that will remain in the final line – one, two or three. It’s that simple. You can select different views, enjoy loads of betting possibilities, and enjoy the classy vibe and atmosphere at the table.

Sometimes it can be tough to create something new and authentic, but that’s not the case for Evolution Gaming. It’s always releasing new live dealer titles, honing its technology, and giving players something new to enjoy. And when it’s not doing that, it’s busy acquiring all the other top brands in the online gaming world.

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