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cTrader is Now Integrated with B2Core Traders Room


B2Broker has partnered with cTrader, a prominent multi-asset Forex and CFD trading platform, to bring you its latest B2Core integration. As a result of this new integration, our clients can now trade a variety of instruments on cTrader. All B2Core trader’s room features are available for brokerage companies using the cTrader trading platform. cTrader features a user-friendly interface that is simple to navigate, offers quick execution, low latency, and a wide range of functions, making it a popular choice among traders all around the world.


cTrader will function in the B2Core ecosystem in the same way as other platforms. Brokerage companies can easily connect the platform and continue to offer comprehensive user experience along with a wide range of B2Core features.

B2Core features

Moreover, the B2Core development team has created a new cutting-edge UI specifically for cTrader users. Updated interface is simple and clear, with all of the instruments and resources that traders require to succeed.

Users who want to trade using the cTrader platform may take advantage of B2Core. Margin trading options, wide range of currencies, various account types and even more features are available now for live and demo accounts. Additionally, users can change their passwords on cTrader accounts from the B2Core system directly. For instance, a user’s account password can also be reset through B2Core if they have forgotten their cTrader password and are unable to reset it on the trading terminal.

Looking ahead, we’ll be adding a lot more features to the cTrader integration in the future. Working with fractional leverage volumes, as well as various hedge/netting account types, is the top priority.

Moreover, the development team is going to add the feature that allows to archive accounts and monitor the status by such indicators as Balance, Equity, Leverage, Available Funds and Margin. Finally, we’re exploring ways to increase the amount of account customization admins may do within the B2Core traders room. Clients will have more control over their business with these new capabilities, making B2Core even more effective for brokerages.


“Staying aligned with our philosophy of being an open platform, we always welcome new integrations, and we are committed to bringing them to life,” – Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management at Spotware, speaks on B2Core integration with cTrader. “We are delighted that B2Core has successfully joined the flourishing ecosystem of cTrader integrations, and we look forward to offering this great new option to brokers and traders.”

“The new integration will fulfil the needs of multiple trading platforms availability and inevitably boost our user experience” added Daniel Skitev, Head of the Marketing Department at B2Broker. “We are constantly striving to push the boundaries of what is possible in order to provide our users with the best possible services in the Fintech industry,” — Daniel summed up.


We believe that the newest integration will benefit B2Core’s clients and our firm as we continue to develop and extend our services. Along with cTrader, B2Broker provides connection to seven trading platforms, including MT4, MT5, OneZero, B2Trader, PrimeXM, and DXtrade. We’ll include technical support for all existing trading platforms in the market, and ActTrader integration is on the way.

Create your cTrader account right now and enjoy the platform and B2Core’s cutting-edge features. We’re excited to work with you henceforward.

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