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America’s Favorite Pastime — Zillow Surfing — is now a Group Sport with SharePlay on iPhone and iPad


Americans love to Zillow surf — most of them alongside someone else — and now they have a new way to do it. Using the Zillow app on an iPhone or iPad, home shoppers are now able to search and browse for-sale home and rental listings in a seamless, synchronous experience together with family, friends, or a real estate agent.

Collaborative shopping is enabled by a new feature for FaceTime called SharePlay. During a FaceTime call, Zillow app users can start a SharePlay session in order to search together, explore maps and view listing photo galleries in sync on Apple mobile devices. SharePlay is available to anyone on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 15.1 or iPadOS 15.1 or later.

“Whether you’re shopping for a home or a rental, this new feature makes it easier and a lot more fun,” says David Beitel, Zillow chief technology officer. “The ability to browse together on separate mobile phones allows people to take their Zillow surfing to the next level. It’s also a great new way for real estate agents to connect with customers and guide them in their home-shopping journeys.”

According to customer research, 86% of Zillow users report shopping with a partner, spouse, or housemate. That’s why Zillow provides tools that make shopping with others simple, such as the Shopping Partner feature, which allows each user to see another’s saved homes and tags on the “saved homes” tab. SharePlay powers collaboration that happens in real-time and allows input from loved ones that can help buyers winnow their options and save time.

Home shoppers, especially millennials, value input from others. Zillow research finds most millennial and Generation Z home shoppers say they discuss their housing decisions with parents (71%) and friends (61%). Among millennials and Gen Z homeowners, a majority say they chose not to buy a particular home because of the opinion of a significant other (60%) or a parent (54%).

“This new feature is the perfect addition to the suite of technology-based tools — which includes Zillow 3D Home tours and interactive floor plans — Zillow provides to help make people’s moving journey easier, less stressful, and more fun,” says Beitel.

Source: Zillow

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