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Amazon Faces Array of US Antitrust Lawsuits

Amazon Faces Array of US Antitrust Lawsuits
Amazon Faces Array of US Antitrust Lawsuits

A wave of legal challenges is converging on, potentially exposing the retail giant to substantial financial liabilities. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is poised to file a lawsuit against, marking a significant move in the ongoing scrutiny of Big Tech companies for antitrust violations.

Various state and federal courts are currently handling cases related to competition law, focusing on aspects such as Amazon’s pricing strategies, operation of fulfillment centers, and its relationships with major book retailers.

Here is an overview of some key cases:

  1. California, Washington D.C. Attorneys General: Both California and the District of Columbia attorneys general have taken legal action against, alleging unfair practices in product pricing policies. They assert that Amazon unjustly prevents merchants from offering lower prices on their own platforms or at competitors like Walmart, Target, and Costco.
  2. Consumers’ Price Inflation Claims: Amazon is facing two separate consumer lawsuits in a federal court in Seattle. One accuses the company of artificially inflating prices on its platform, while the other alleges that Amazon‘s policies have led to price hikes for goods sold elsewhere. The estimated damages in these prospective antitrust class actions range from $55 billion to $172 billion.
  3. Fulfillment Centers: Consumers have initiated a class action in Seattle federal court, claiming that Amazon has attempted to stifle competition for shipping and fulfillment services. They argue that this has resulted in higher costs for shoppers. Amazon won an initial victory, contending that consumers do not directly purchase fulfillment services.
  4. E-Books: In Manhattan federal court, consumers have filed a prospective class action accusing Amazon of artificially inflating the prices of retail trade e-books on its platform. The lawsuit contends that Amazon unlawfully restricted publishers from offering lower e-book prices elsewhere.

These lawsuits collectively represent a significant legal challenge for Amazon, with potential repercussions for its business practices. It underscores the broader regulatory scrutiny facing major tech companies in the current landscape.

Source: Reuters

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