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French Authorities Receive Software Update for Apple’s iPhone 12

French Authorities Receive Software Update for Apple's iPhone 12
French Authorities Receive Software Update for Apple's iPhone 12

In response to concerns raised by French authorities regarding radiation levels from iPhone 12 handsets, Apple has delivered a software update for the device. The move comes after France temporarily halted sales of the phones earlier this month, citing breaches of radiation exposure limits in their tests.

Apple, while contesting the French findings, emphasized that the iPhone 12 is certified by numerous international bodies as compliant with global standards. Nevertheless, on September 15th, the tech giant committed to issuing a software update to align with the testing methods employed in France.

The French digital ministry source revealed that the authorities are currently reviewing the update, signaling Apple’s commitment to resolving the issue without resorting to a costly recall.

The concerns over radiation levels in France, based on differing test results compared to those in other countries, have spurred inquiries and precautionary measures across Europe. Belgium, for instance, has also expressed interest in benefiting from the forthcoming software upgrade.

Industry experts have reassured users that there are no immediate safety risks, as regulatory limits are well below the thresholds where evidence of harm from phone radiation has been observed. These limits are primarily based on the risk of burns or heatstroke.

Apple has recently unveiled the iPhone 15, and while the iPhone 12 is no longer available directly from Apple, it can still be obtained from third-party vendors or through trade-in programs.

As part of its routine maintenance, Apple regularly provides software updates for its devices, often aimed at enhancing security features. These updates can be specific to a particular model or region, and multiple updates may be issued within a single month.

In the case of the iPhone 12, users will be prompted to install the software update once it becomes available. Apple remains committed to ensuring the safety and compliance of its products in accordance with global standards.


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