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Instagram Growth Hacks for Small Businesses – Everything You Need to Know

Instagram Growth Hacks

Instagram is an excellent social media platform for many small businesses. However, it can take a while to grow an engaged and large following. This time-consuming task can be much easier when you follow these Insta growth hacks for SMBs.

2. Post Content the Audience Will Want to Read

Everything begins with excellent content. You must find a way to stand apart from the competition, so the information must be designed well and be suitable for the audience.

Beautiful images that don’t appeal to your target audience won’t get you the engagement or following you seek.

To create amazing content, you must first take the time to research what your target audience wants. Search accounts similar to yours and see what works for them. Though you shouldn’t copy what they do, it’s okay to use those things as jumping-off points for your own reels and stories.

2. Focus on the Hashtag

Hashtags can seem annoying and trivial, but they’re crucial to the Instagram ecosystem. In fact, they expose your account to countless users who may not otherwise find it.

Consider using a tool to help you find relevant hashtags for your industry, putting them on all posts you create.

Remember that Instagram allows you to have 30 hashtags. Power users max out that number, but most people have roughly 11 tags per image. Make sure you load up on them because they can help tremendously.

3. Steal Some Followers

As a small business owner, you want to grow your Instagram account fast, so stealing from the competition’s followers can help. This is a great strategy because you know the audience is already interested in your content since they follow similar brands.

It’s wise to use a like/comment/follow strategy here. To do this, you would follow one user, like a photo, and comment on the image. You can do this a few times to ensure they notice you.

The strategy above will often help you gain more followers, likes, and comments. Users who receive engagement usually return the favor.

4. Buy Real Insta Followers

Consider buying real Instagram followers, too. It’s important to use a reputable source that doesn’t use fake accounts and bots. These are real people with accounts who will engage with your brand.

Why should you buy Instagram followers? The social media platform uses algorithms to determine how visible your posts, page, and profile are based on how many people are following you.

Generally, it takes a long time to find followers yourself. Buying them from a reputable third-party source makes the process much easier and faster. Plus, they’re delivered in minutes, allowing your posts, profile, and stories to start trending and attracting viewers. In turn, this helps you gain people organically.

5. Post Consistently and Often

Posting consistently and often will help you grow your company’s Instagram following fast. Most experts recommend adding stories and reels two or three times daily.

Average users typically add at least one new image each day, but upping the amount to two or three will help you get more followers even faster. Just remember that the content must resonate with the audience.

6. Have a Powerful CTA

Every image you post must have a call to action (CTA). Sometimes, it’s okay to ask followers to do what you want.

Here are a few popular CTAs for Instagram that are sure to get you some new followers:

  • Ask fans to “double tap” whenever they like a post.
  • Request that fans “tag a friend” within the comments section.
  • Direct fans to purchase your product/service.
  • Ask fans to sign up for your email newsletter.

When you include a call to action, it gently reminds your fans that they can engage with the content. Plus, it will help with conversion rates and ensure you have more eyes on the posts.

7. Run Various Contests

Contests can help you increase user engagement on Instagram. They have the potential to generate thousands of new followers with minimal effort.

Check out these types of contests you can incorporate into your Instagram account:

  • Like-to-Win Contests – Ask users to like your updates and be entered into a contest.
  • Hashtag Contest – Create a specific hashtag for your contest, and ask participants to share videos or photos with it to enter.
  • Email Contests – Request a user’s email address, and enter them into the contest when they provide it.

Regardless of the contest you choose, the price of entry should be simple for the user. For example, consider asking them to tag friends, follow you, and like your posts. These actions will expose your IG account to more people and increase engagement.

8. Pay for Shout-Outs

An IG shout-out means that a user mentions your account in their post, either on an image or as a caption. This is the most efficient and fastest way to grow a following because it puts you in front of thousands of people who may not have noticed you before.

If you’d like to start requesting Instagram shout-outs for your business, it’s important to research profiles in your industry. Find the most active accounts possible with a similar audience and high engagement levels. Contact that person to see if they’d be interested and negotiate prices.

9. Schedule Posts to Make Life Easier

Small business owners often forget to add posts to their Instagram accounts. They’re busy doing so many other things. Scheduling them will make life easier and help you focus on all aspects of your business.

Many scheduling platforms are available, such as Schedugram and Hootsuite. They will help you determine when to put up posts. This also ensures that you share fresh content consistently, creating reels and videos beforehand to add as needed.

Instagram Growth Hacks for Small Businesses Starts with Buying Followers

Growing your Instagram following can be daunting, but it’s something you must do if you prefer to use this social media platform. Following the tips listed in this article will help you achieve your goals and find more followers.

However, small business owners have little time to boost engagement or bring in new followers, so it might be helpful to buy them.

If you want fast delivery, excellent customer support, and quality followers, Rushmax can help.

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