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6 Tips for Finding an Auto Body Shop to Repair Your Car

6 Tips for Finding an Auto Body Shop to Repair Your Car

Whether it’s a dented door from a bicycle or a collision that has left your vehicle an ugly mess, finding the right collision auto body shop will save you time and money. The right collision repair shop should provide a one-stop shopping experience and complete repair services ranging from mechanical to body repairs. Finding a certified professional to deal with the aftermath of a car collision can be challenging. Here are six tips to help you find the right auto body repair shop.

Ask Questions

Don’t feel intimidated when you are scouting for potential body shops. You are entitled to get information about the shop before accepting their services. Ask the necessary questions to get information that will help you decide. Examples of questions to ask include:

  • How long will the repair take?
  • Are they going to work directly with the insurance company? 
  • Do they offer loaner vehicles, and if not, can they recommend a rental service nearby?
  • Do they have various payment options?
  • What type of security do they provide at night and on weekends?

Do research and come up with as many questions as possible to help you decide if the shop is well-equipped to fix your car.

What Is Their Warranty?

Be sure to ask the repair shops you are considering the types of customer warranties they provide and make a comparison. If you are given documents about the warranty information, keep them where they can be easily accessed. Ensure you pick the best warranty offer that suits your situation since you must spend a lot while repairing your car. Examine the fine print of each offer to get clarification on the various clauses so that you understand better the situations within which your car is protected.

Consider Their Reputation

You shouldn’t have complications finding reviews and ratings of the auto body repair shops you are looking into. Check to see how long the shop has been in the community and how responsive and reputable they are. However, expect to find negative reviews. The trick is to weigh them with the positives. A single two stars review out of ten verified five stars is a glowing reputation.


Proper certifications will show that shop technicians are qualified to diagnose, repair and service your vehicle. There are various certifications, and depending on the type of car and services to be provided, it’s essential to ensure the credentials are up-to-date and applicable. 

If the shop has a variety of certificates, it shows that it can handle a range of repairs and have multiple skilled technicians. Certificates to look for include an I-CAR certification. This indicates that the technician is an industry expert and has demonstrated skills and knowledge to provide quality repairs that are safe and complete.

Request a Tour of the Shop

Before bringing your car in, visit the shop you are considering and look around the premises. While most body shops only allow their clients to wait at the reception, they will make an exemption for potential clients who requests a tour. Take time to inspect the shop’s physical condition. You will want a body shop that is clean, orderly, and follows a system that shows they are careful with equipment.

The Shop Location 

Location is essential when looking for an auto body repair shop. A shop within your proximity will make it easy for you to follow up on the status of your car. In addition, you will support a local business.


When looking for the right auto body repair shop, take time, effort, and consideration. Your car deserves experts who will get the job done right the first time. You don’t have to go with the shop your insurance company recommends. Instead, research and ask for recommendations from your friends, neighbors, and other car owners.

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