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Bentley’s New Continental GT Convertible: Honoring LGBTQ+ Pride and Individuality

Continental GT Convertible
  • Unveiling of a unique Continental GT Convertible tailored to honor the LGBTQ+ community and embrace diversity in all its facets.
  • The striking convertible made its debut at Crewe Pride on July 6th, Bentley’s hometown.
  • Designer Rich Morris crafted the fourth dedicated Pride Car, adorned with colors inspired by the Progress flag.
  • The design narrative extends from Bentley’s iconic Unifying Spur, emphasizing acceptance and the celebration of individuality.
  • Bentley will participate in Crewe, Nantwich, and Manchester Pride events, alongside engaging in community outreach initiatives, demonstrating steadfast support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Bentley Motors has reaffirmed its constant support for LGBT+ people. LGBTQ+ community with the unveiling of its 4th special Pride Car, uniquely designed to be used in the North West Pride parades in the UK. The concept was created by the Designer Rich Morris, the eye-catching Continental GT Convertible features a vibrant wrap, which symbolizes the love of acceptance and a journey towards discovery.

The style of the convertible is derived from Bentley’s famous Unifying Spur, incorporating a singular black line, which is decorated with new faces. The artistic design reflects the psychological challenges that people may encounter when they embrace their authentic self-identity, no matter what it is related to gender, or sexuality. The contrast between the dark and light is that the vehicle is adorned with vibrant hues of the ever-changing Pride flag. It is reminiscent of Holi, the Hindu celebration of colours. The splash of colour represents spring, love and new beginnings. It covers the faces in order to demonstrate the ways that individual expression with hair and makeup can help personal discovery.

All colleagues, as well as their friends and members of Bentley’s collaborative network, are proud to take part at the Crewe, Nantwich, and Manchester Pride parades. This participation reflects Bentley’s dedication to fostering an environment in which authenticity is appreciated and employees are comfortable in their own skin.

Rich Morris, the creative designer behind the concept, expressed his views: “Designing this project for Bentley has been incredibly meaningful, building upon the success of my Unifying Spur concept from 2021. This year’s design encapsulates the journey of self-acceptance, blending elements from the Unifying Spur and the vibrant spirit of Holi.”

Wayne Bruce, Bentley Motors Bentley Motors’ chief of Communications and DEI Chief Executive Officer, stressed its significance for this Pride Car beyond its aesthetic attractiveness: “Our fourth Pride Car marks a pivotal moment in our DEI journey, which began with our inaugural Pride Car in 2020. This initiative sparked our ongoing efforts under BeProud, advocating for acceptance, intersectionality, and a sense of belonging year-round.”

The Pride Car initiative not only acknowledges advancement, but also strives to increase awareness and encourage people to overcome discrimination. Bentley’s continued commitment towards people of the LGBTQ+ community through initiatives such as The Pride Car underscores its role as an innovator in encouraging equality and inclusion within the auto industry, and even beyond.

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