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12 Tips For Buying a New Car

Buying a New car

Making the decision to buy a new car isn’t an easy one. Even if you’re in need of a car, there are lots of things to consider before making a purchase. It’s important to make wise choices so you don’t spend more than you need to.

If you’re gearing up to buy a new car, we’ve put together some top tips on what to consider. Take a look at everything you need to know for getting a car purchase right.

Do You Need a New Car?

Everyone loves the thought of a new car. Clean and fresh and far less likely for any problems to crop up unexpectedly. However, new cars lose value the second they’re taken out of the showroom and driven away.

If you want to keep the value of your car for as long as possible, it’s worth considering buying a used car instead. Used doesn’t have to mean old and unreliable. A car that’s a year old will still be very reliable and will keep its value for much longer.

Consider Add Ons

If you do opt for a used car, there are many ways you can modify your car to make it feel new. Most makes and models can be modified with accessories that suit your preferences. You can design your car as you see fit.

Anything from tyres to private number plates, tinted windows and everything in between. Personalising your car is a great way to make your new car your own.

Best Time To Buy

If you buy from a dealer, you’ll want to avoid peak times. Weekends and the end of each month when most people get paid are often the busiest. If you want to get a good deal, it’s best to visit dealerships midweek or when they’re least likely to get sales.

If a dealership is desperate enough to make quota for the week, you may find yourself in luck. You could get away with paying less or getting some freebies thrown in the deal.

What Car Do You Need?

Before starting to look at cars, it’s important to think about what you actually need. You may look at a convertible and love how it looks but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what you need. What will you be using your car for?

If you’re travelling miles for work, you should think about an economical car that could save you money and be kind to the atmosphere. If you’re using a car for the school run, you’ll need to make sure you find a reliable family car with plenty of room for transporting your children. Make a list of what you need from a car and stick to it as you shop around.

Know Your Budget

Think about how much money you have to spend on purchasing a new car. Remember it’s not just the cost of the car you need to consider. How much will it cost to run and maintain it? How much will your car insurance be?

It’s also worth finding out how much it will cost to tax your car per year? There’s no point in buying any kind of car if you can’t afford to run it. Figure out your budget before you start looking for cars so you know what you can afford to look at.

Sell Privately

If you’re replacing an existing car, it can help to get as much money as possible for the car you have now. Although there are many convenient ways to sell your car without the hassle of advertising, you may not get the full amount of what your car is worth. Selling privately can often mean you get thousands more than you would from a large company.

Similarly, using your car for part-exchange could mean you’re not given its full value. Selling privately could take longer but it’s certainly worth it

Get Ready to Haggle

Once you’re ready to start looking for the right car for you, it’s essential that you’re willing to haggle. The price tag on cars in a dealership are there to be negotiated on. Most dealers will be willing to come down in price if you’re willing to do a deal there and then.

If a dealer is unwilling to move on price, don’t be afraid to leave and come back another day. If the car you like is still available, the dealer may be more easily persuaded when he realises the car hasn’t sold. If you want the car and you’re willing to pay the price, try and negotiate something else thrown in for free.

Check Out Online Brokers

Some people are wary of using online brokers because you don’t get the same experience of seeing a car in person first. However, you can save a lot of money by using an online broker for the same car you find in a dealership. It’s worth comparing the two for price before making a decision.

If you’re worried about trustworthiness, you can find online reviews from previous customers to put your mind at rest. If there’s a bad review, you can guarantee you’ll find it.

Always Test Drive

It’s essential that you test drive any car you’re interested in purchasing. A test drive will be able to tell you a lot about the car. For instance, whether the seating position is comfortable or if the clutch is working efficiently.

You’ll need to find out if the steering veers, the brakes work properly, and if child seats can be installed easily. The more you find out about the cars you’re interested in, the better.

Look For Warranties

The longer the warranty, the better the deal. Some manufacturers offer up to seven years warranty which means you don’t have to worry about the cost of repairs if something goes wrong. A long warranty indicates that the manufacturer has faith in the quality of the car so you can have the same faith too.

As you shop around for cars, be sure to ask about the warranty length. If you’re having difficulty choosing between two cars, the warranty length could be the decision maker.

Check Paperwork

Before signing any contracts, make sure to check the paperwork for the vehicle. You should have the logbook, manuals, and service book there to hand. It’s also worth checking if there are any spare tyres in the car and if you have a spare set of keys.

Read through any contracts thoroughly before signing your signature so you can be sure of what you’re agreeing to. If there are any parts of the contract that you are unsure about, don’t be afraid to ask.

Forget Gap Insurance

A dealer may try to sell you insurance that covers you for the journey from the dealership to your home so you can arrange new car insurance for your new car. This can be expensive and barely worth it. Many car insurance companies can change your insurance details over the phone or online in minutes.

Spend some extra time at the dealership sorting out your own insurance before driving off to afford paying costs that aren’t necessary.

Buying a new car is an exciting time but it’s important to be patient and take your time when making such an expensive purchase. Even if you need a car in a hurry, be sure to check everything before making a decision.

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