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10 Tips for Your First Trip to Egypt


Egypt has always been in the top five travel destinations on every bucket list ever created in the world. Egypt is known for its rich history that traces back to more than 5000 years which played a key role in creating a unique and magical culture-filled every kind of wonder and magic. For many centuries Egypt has been duded as the ultimate traveler’s paradise due to the countless number of enchanting monuments located all over the country across majestic and legendary cities of the City of Wonders Cairo, the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea Luxor, the city of hundred doors Luxor, the mythical city of the divinity Aswan, and the tropical exotic shores of the red sea in Hurghada. Every Traveler will find everything they are looking for in Egypt where miracles and beauty are found across every corner.

In order to enjoy the best possible Egypt tour, everyone should pay attention to all the following tips in order to enjoy every part of their journey across It.

1. Get Your Visa Ready Before Traveling to Egypt

Before flying to Egypt every traveler get his or her visa ready by applying to Visa On Arrival online that last for 30 days if it happens you are one of the eligible countries, in order to get it, every traveler must have a valid passport with six months at least remaining before expiration and pay 25$ at the airport. If you are not one of the eligible countries for a Visa On Arrival then you can apply E-Visa before traveling that will last for 30 days, to get every must apply online or head to the Egyptian embassy, possess a valid passport with eight months at least remaining before expiration and pay 25$ at the airport. Egypt is known to allow a number of countries to have a free visa for 90 days, That’s why everyone should check ahead before traveling.

2. The Best Time to be in Egypt is Always in the Winter

The best time to be in Egypt is in the months from September to April where the climate is very delightful and relaxing as the season of Autumn, Spring, and Winter is by far the best time to be in the country where the temperature is at its lowest degrees 15 °Cand 25 °C with a warm and windy climate, truly ideal for exploring the wonders of Egypt and enjoying the best possible vacation.

3. How Many Days Should I Spend in Egypt

Egypt is an extremely rich country with a lot of attractions to explore all over the country, in order to get a better look across all the treasures of Egypt every traveler should spend 7 to 10 days to witness the entire allure and grandeur of Ancient and modern Egypt through the legendary Giza Pyramids complex, The golden street of treasures Khan El Khalili Bazaar, the heavenly Cairo Citadel, the divine hanging church, the unique Egyptian Museums like the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, The significant Ibn Tulan Mosque, the magical Al Azher Mosque, the Grand Amr Ibn Al As Mosque, one of the kinds the catacombs, the mythical Qaitbay citadel, the divine Karnak temples complex, the beautiful Hatshepsut Temple, the heavenly Valley of the Kings, the mythical Philae temple, the specialKomOmbo Temple, the immortal Abu Simbel Temples, and many more.

4. Always Hire a Travel Agency to Enjoy the Best Vacation

Hiring A traveler is the best choice to enjoy the best Egypt tour across the legendary and beautiful wonders of Egypt in total tranquility and comfort as your chosen travel agency will handle all the logistics and all the elements concerning your holidays such as accommodations, transportation, restaurants, Nile cruises, and even all the fun activities found at the most reasonable prices all over the country besides the exploration tours such as Nile cruise, A dinner cruise, diving, snorkeling, hot-air balloon, super safari across the Sahara and more. We recommend to check Egypt Tour as the number 1 light travel agency in Egypt by a wide variety of positive reviews.

5. Hiring a Tour Guide is the Smartest Choice

The tour Guide will be like your guiding angel who will take care of every element of your tour and shed some light on all the history, culture, and hidden wonders of Egypt. Every Tour Guide will make sure all their clients are enjoying the best accommodations, transportation, plus all the small logistic. He or She will protect you and guide all across the country, will be your eyes and ears with every step you take, show you all the rare attractions of Egypt and more impertinently make sure everything is going according to the plan.

6. Having Travel Insurance is a Very Wise Choice

Every traveler will have a unique chance to feel safe and comfortable by purchasing an affordable travel insurance policy. Having Travel Insurance is an ideal investment for your bottom line as it is the best way to be safe across your Egypt Tour for just-in-case or any surprise situations like medical expenses, repatriation, delays, cancellations, plus Passport, Baggage, & personal liability coverage.

7. Shopping and Haggling Go Hand in Hand in Egypt

Shopping in Egypt is a unique experience especially within the golden road of the heavens Khan El Khalili Bazaar as every traveler will get the chance to buy some amazing souvenirs such as Miniature Pyramids, Shisha, glass, copper, and brassware Jewelry, Gold Jewellery,  Jewelry Wooden Boxes, Handcrafted metal works, Statues Replicas, native Egyptian clothes, Scarab beads, Khartouche, Incense, Papyrus scroll, and more. Negotiation and bargaining are needed skills in Egypt that every traveler should insist on lowering the price to get a better deal. Tipping in Egypt also known as ‘Baksheesh’ is expected for everyone both foreign and domestic, 5-10% of the total price at restaurants and 5 pounds tip is a common gesture.

8. What to Bring With me in Egypt

Everyone should bring all the items that could make the vacation very comfortable and relaxing as the best means to give the ultimate protection from the sun is a hat, glasses, scarf, sunblock, light soft fabric clothes, relaxing footwear, an Egyptian Sim Card, a private VPN line, Universal adapter, power bank, credit card plus cash money up to 250$, any necessary medical descriptions, toilet paper, water bottle, bag back, and anything else you many need.

9. Don’t Miss the Delicious Cuisines of Egypt

Egypt is blessed with a number of delicious cuisines and food that are as old as Egypt such as Kushari which is a very famous vegan dish in Egypt,  Ful&Ta’meyaa.k.a ” fava beans and falafel”, Hawawshi, Kabab &Kofta A.K.A ” Grilled Meatballs”, Mulukhiya, Shawerma, plus a number of sweet deserts like Baklawa, Basboosa, Konafa, and more.

10. Be Aware and Respect the Egyptian Culture

It is advised to respect the dress code with the main cities and wear something descant that covers the knees and shoulders, females should wear a scared especially when entering a mosque or a church or any religious facilities, at for the resorts everyone is free to wear what they want.

Take your first steps in living the best vacation in your lifetime in one of the best travel destinations in the whole world.

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