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Renting a Premium Car in Dubai: A Short Guide


If you are planning to spend a vacation in Dubai and rent a car there, you should check everything beforehand. In this article, we will provide readers with useful tips that will help you find a successful premium car rental, for example, Evolve. We recommend preparing the next documents:

  • International driving permit (pay attention that citizens of countries of the GCC region, Great Britain, USA, and Canada aren’t required to have this document.
  • You have to be not younger than 21 years old to rent a car. Of course, if you are younger, you may try to find some small company to do it but you will spend much more money, and in addition, you may have problems with the law if you drive unsafely.
  • A credit card. Usually, rental companies require a credit card to pay for all expenses. All additional payments, including any administrative taxes and fines will be paid by this card (some fines can be taken even after you leave the country). So, make sure you have a valid bank card because most rental services will not take any cash.
  • Insurance is included in the price of the car rental in Dubai. Some tourists’ insurances can also cover the car rental. But in many cases, services offer additional insurance for money. Needless to say, if you are making a deal with a rental company in Dubai, the price will be higher, so you can order a vehicle online to save some money in your pocket.
  • If you are planning to drive out of Dubai, you should remember it may require special permission from the company. Most rental services do not allow this option, so you should plan your trip beforehand to enjoy your drive in Dubai.

Rental Companies in Dubai

You can find many rental companies in Dubai, including large and also small offices. When you are choosing a vehicle, we suggest viewing several companies to compare, and also read customers’ reviews on the Internet. In Dubai, rental services are situated all over the city, so you can easily find a company to rent a luxury car. If you want to rent a car just when you arrive in this country, you can do it right in the Dubai airport (but pay attention the price will be a bit higher). If you want to rent an automobile for a couple of days, you should find a rental service nearby, for example, in large city malls.

Premium Car

To rent a vehicle in the rental company, you will have to sign a contract in the office. As usual, you will need to drive to the same rental company when the term of your rent is ended. Of course, you can choose a vehicle from a range of variants, including small cars and huge SUVs. You can rent a car following your needs and requirements. But you should remember that when there are many tourists in Dubai (for example, to visit various exhibitions), the choice of automobiles is not as big as usual. Of course, you can book a car online beforehand and solve all your problems even before your trip starts!

You can also get a carsharing service from various operators, including Ekar and Udrive. They will offer a wide selection of various cars and you can also choose the point of start/end of your trip. To use a carshering service, you have to download a particular app on your phone and register there. It’s possible to rent a car for any term – from several minutes to several weeks, months, or any longer term.


As you can see, renting a car in Dubai is an easy option acceptable for any tourist. Do not forget to check everything twice before you sign anything. Feel free to choose from various options we have highlighted in this article. We hope our tips were useful and you enjoy your amazing trip to this wonderful country!

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