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XTrend Speed, a More Professional Investment Platform

Xtrend Speed

XTrend Speed has been awarded the best mobile broker of the year for two consecutive years

XTrend Speed is a CFD trading platform popular in more than 170 countries worldwide, on which the symbols that can be traded include but are not limited to stocks, foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices. Moreover, it has been awarded the best mobile broker of the year for two consecutive years.

The meager interest of your deposits in banks are no longer able to keep up with the inflation. In the next ten to twenty years, a large number of people in the middle class will be reduced to those at the bottom, because they don’t know how to invest. They can only watch their hard-earned money shrink gradually.

Therefore, more and more people will enter the investment industry in the future. As an old Chinese saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. It means that the earlier you enter the investment industry, the more advantages you will have.

Who is XTrend Speed suitable for?

1. Newcomers entering the investment industry

The function of one-click copy trading allows novice traders to know the symbols master traders invest on at a glance and get the results of master traders with one click. They don’t need to know professional investment knowledge to have a fast and safe investment.

If you want to learn more on investment, you can also follow our analysts’ live streaming, where analysts will read the market trend, and give lessons and answer questions for free.

Copy Trading

2. White-collar workers

According to American standards, white-collar workers refer to people with an annual salary of US$80,000 who are engaged in purely mental work. They belong to a category of people who have less time and cannot make large investments. XTrendSpeed offers a low investment threshold and pushes real-time investment news, which will make use of their fragmented time to maximize their benefits.

White-collar workers

3. Master traders

There are many professional investors on XTrendSpeed, and they can exchange their investment experience and grow with each other.

4. College students

The investment threshold of the XTrendSpeed is low. The minimum investment amount is $5, and the price of a lot is as low as $2. It is suitable for college students whose income is not stable. They can earn their first bucket of gold for themselves to step into the society.

Advantages of XTrendSpeed

1. Fund Security

As clients, their concern is that their funds placed in XTrend Speed are not protected. Clients can remove all their worries. It is because clients funds are kept in major international banks and are fully segregated from the company’s own funds.

2. Variety of symbols

The symbols that can be traded on XTrend Speed include but are not limited to stocks, foreign exchange, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and indices.

3. Low investment threshold

Invest from $5. The price of a lot is as low as $2. Anyone can afford it!

Feel free to visit the platform for any questions if you are interested in XTrendSpeed, and we will be very grateful for your visit!

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