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Bank of America Awards $1 Million Grant to JobTrain for its East Palo Alto Center for Economic Mobility


JobTrain, a Silicon Valley nonprofit that works to transform lives through workforce development programs and career placement services, received a $1,000,000 grant from Bank of America. The grant will help fund the construction of their new Center for Economic Mobility in East Palo Alto, which will expand career training, job placement, rapid employment services, and support services to low-income communities within San Mateo County and Santa Clara Counties.

Bank of America has supported JobTrain for decades, and it’s recent national $1.25 billion commitment to advance racial and ethnic equality, and create economic opportunity, has sent a strong message of how major companies in the region can do more to support underserved communities. This $1 million grant to JobTrain is one of the largest the bank has awarded in Silicon Valley.

Bank of America’s increased commitment to supporting workforce development could not come at a more critical time as the community looks towards economic recovery. Prior to the pandemic, the average annual income for the Bay Area region was $140,000, yet the median household income of East Palo Alto, a community JobTrain serves, was only $52,716. The pandemic exacerbated this gap as communities of color were disproportionately affected by the pandemic. A JobTrain survey found that 75% of clients had either lost their jobs, had reduced hours, or someone in their household had lost their job. Adding to their challenges, 63% worried about housing and missed rent or mortgage payments over the last 22 months. The New Center for Economic Mobility will allow JobTrain to expand its capacity and scope of services, as well as convene employers, community service providers, and access to public sector services to deliver innovative programs and collaboration.

“Bank of America’s grant of $1,000,000 and its partnership with JobTrain to serve the community is a tremendous moment for JobTrain,” said Barrie Hathaway, JobTrain President, and CEO.“The Center in East Palo Alto will provide more services to the community than ever before, and JobTrain’s vision of clients reaching full economic mobility is at the forefront.”

“Bank of America shares JobTrain’s mission of making financial lives better. As the region continues to make its way through the impacts of Covid-19, we are committed to creating an equitable recovery for those most impacted by the pandemic,” said Raquel González, President, Bank of America Silicon Valley. “Job Train’s new East Palo Alto center will provide valuable job skills training and career pathways for thousands of people in the community for years to come.”

Hathaway continued,” With expanded partners in the building, increased services, and an innovation center, the new Center will help the community thrive, and we are grateful to Bank of America for this incredible support.”

Source: Bank of America

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