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Top Ten Luxury Life Necessities Everybody Can Afford (That Don’t Involve Money!)

Top Ten Luxury Life Necessities Everybody Can Afford (That Don't Involve Money!)

The world is materialistic, and we sometimes get so caught up in chasing the next big thing that we forget about the basics.

Life’s necessities that we take for granted.

It sounds cliché, but it’s true, and if you’ve ever been in a position where the little things have disappeared in your pursuit for success, you’ll agree.

Yes, money can buy us loads of luxury items to make our lives more comfortable. But what does it mean when all you have is material wealth? Surely there’s more to life?

Humans are social creatures and need to be part of a greater community, serving a greater purpose. There needs to be a reason behind it all if we are to truly feel as though we’ve accomplished something.

“These days, in our materialistic culture, many people are led to believe that money is the ultimate source of happiness. Consequently, when they don’t have enough of it, they feel let down. Therefore, it is important to let people know that they have the source of contentment and happiness within themselves and that it is related to nurturing our natural inner values.” – Dalai Lama

This article will be taking advice straight from the Dalai Lama and looking at some of life’s simplest pleasures. You never know the true value of it all until something happens to shed the spotlight on what’s lacking. As they say, the best things in life are free!

Luxury Items That Don’t Cost A Thing

1. Hugs: It really is as simple as that. There’s no denying what a hug from the right person can do – especially on a particularly horrible day. Research has even found that hugs can lower blood pressure and boost heart function, so they’re good for you in so many ways!

Top Ten Luxury Life Necessities Everybody Can Afford (That Don't Involve Money!)

2. Family and friends: This one ties in perfectly with hugs. Yes, this list may seem slightly mushy. But you have to admit, having people around to pick you up after a bad day and celebrate with you on the good ones is something that few get to experience.

As rich as you may be, you cannot buy your family and friends – and if you can, then you should re-evaluate their priorities! Research has found that positive relationships improve mood and increase longevity.


3. Love: It’s a simple yet complex emotion. In a world driven to succeed, we often lose sight of the things that make it all worthwhile.

Sure, that latest promotion is great but what does it mean when you have no one to share it with? Love plays an integral part in our emotional wellness; it makes us feel accepted and understood, and that’s worth its weight in gold!

4. A happy face: Ever heard of faking it until you make it? Well apparently, the more you smile, the happier you’ll feel.

People also connect more with a friendlier face. There’s also an unspoken language that comes with smiling, something that only the people close to you will be able to understand.

Top Ten Luxury Life Necessities Everybody Can Afford (That Don't Involve Money!)

5. Laughter: In line with smiling, laughter is a powerful necessity too. There’s no way that you can feel sad or stressed while being caught in a fit of belly-aching laughter. Research has found that laughing can improve our memory and reduce stress levels.

6. Sleep: Believe it or not, a good night’s rest is hard to come by. Sure, you can buy sleeping aids to help you on your journey to dreamland, but it’s not the same.

Top Ten Luxury Life Necessities Everybody Can Afford (That Don't Involve Money!)

The comfort of our homes and bed, and a night’s rest uninterrupted by anxiety is something that few experience.

7. Memories: Memories mean that you have experienced something that only comes once in a lifetime and is personal to you. Indulging in our favorite memories can improve our moods and take us back to a happy time where nothing else mattered.

Nostalgia can also help reduce feelings of anxiety and loneliness.

8. Spending time at home: With the holidays fast approaching, we’re once again reminded about the simple pleasure of spending time at home. Away from the stressors of work, your home gives you time to regroup and relax.

Spending time in your own space doing things in your own time is simply amazing.

9. Exploring: Wherever you may be, there’s a world around you waiting to be explored. Of course, you could pay to discover a place, but where’s the fun in that?

Take a walk-through town or a bike ride through the countryside. Give yourself the time to explore and rediscover the world around you. There’s a reason staycations have become popular in recent years, and you can find adventure on your doorstep if you just take a look.

10. Being yourself: The world is so preoccupied with fitting a certain mold that we sometimes lose ourselves in the process.

Take a step back and reflect on where you have come from and where you see yourself going. You don’t need to be a cookie-cutter replicator to succeed!

It’s As Simple As That

Things that are as simple as spending time outdoors or doodling on a piece of paper all seem so insignificant in the moment, but as soon as we’re unable to experience them, we feel the brunt of what we’re missing out on.

Life happens and we power through.

It’s time to take it down a notch and go slow. Re-evaluate the things that you genuinely need, and focus on the luxuries you need that cannot be bought.

As the year begins to reach its end, and after everything we’ve experienced in the last few months, it’s easy to see what the important things in life are. Lockdown forced us to go back to basics and determine what’s truly important.

As we move forward, let’s remain mindful of what we’ve learnt and use it to lead happier lives in the year to come.

Description: The best things in life are free. Cheesy, maybe. But there are some luxuries that money can’t buy that are worth more than we could ever imagine!

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