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7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Parental Control Apps

7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Parental Control Apps

Mobile phones, tablets and laptops offer children numerous useful tools and applications that they can use to stay in touch, please themselves, and study. At the very same time, these can pose threats to privacy as well. You simply can’t track anything your child does on a mobile phone, and don’t like to do so. That being said, to effectively protect both their experience and their (and your) data, there are quite a few reasonable questions you should address.

If you’ve spoken about screen time limits and responsible online actions with your children, monitoring what they do when you’re not around (and even when you are) seems to be very challenging. Parental controls will help you in your attempts to keep the internet interactions of your children healthy, enjoyable, and efficient. When used freely and honestly in collaboration with your children, they work best — not as a stealth surveillance technique.

1. What is the best parental control app?

Spyic is an extremely reliable parental control and surveillance tool that is top-of-the-line. It is the result of ten years of experience in global security, tons of research, hard work, and loads of love and care.

7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Parental Control Apps

Spyic has more than 1 million users in 190+ countries around the world. Wondering what can you monitor with spyic? You can monitor everything from call log to text messages, social media apps to location, & from web history to sim location.

To know how to find someone’s location by cell phone number with spyic, click here.

Features of spyic:

  • User friendly interface
  • 3 steps installation
  • Cost-effective subscription plans
  • Allo to track location, read messages, monitor social media apps, & view web history
  • Works in stealth mode

2. What are the best parental controls offered by parental control apps?

Block Websites

Your best choice is to allow these apps in whatever browser or extension you use, if you want to restrict what your children will look for. First, you need to make sure what default search engine is set at your browsers, and then you need to toggle on the parental control apps. As soon as your kids start going online, this is a smart step to take and you want to make sure they don’t come across anything yucky accidentally.

Control phone display

Your best bet is to download an app such as spyic, Spyine, Minspy etc. which tracks text messages, social networks, emails, and other mobile features, to keep tabs on your preteen or teen phone. These are particularly helpful if you are worried about potentially dangerous discussions or questionable subjects in which your child might be involved.

Track location & set geo fencing areas

To stay informed of your child’s movements, you can use parental control apps such as Spyic, Minspy, or Spyine. For this to work, though, your kid’s phone needs to be on.

7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Parental Control Apps

You can also set a geo-fence with the help of these apps, & whenever your child enters an unsafe area marked by you, you’ll be notified through a pop-up notification.

3. Can I monitor the activity of my kid on certain apps?

Most apps allow you to disable features that may pose some risks to children, in addition to blocking specific people. You might be able to turn off messaging, limit communication to friends only, and cover your profile, for example, so that it will not appear in search engine results. By making users monitor their own use of the app, some applications go a step further.

Note that, your kid can easily reverse the setting unless an app provides passcode protection for its settings.

7 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions about Parental Control Apps

4. Can Parental control apps steal the private data?

Before these apps obtain or share the personal information from children under the age of 13, COPPA forces applications (as well as online services and websites) to get parental consent. COPPA is implemented by the Federal Trade Commission and allows parents to report applications that are violating the law.

So there is a very little chance that these apps steal your personal data. You can rely on some trusted apps like Spyic, Spyine, or Minspy to make the chance of data stealing very unlikely.

5. Can my kid Turn off parental control if I rely on built-in parental controls in a smartphone ?

Yes, parental controls can be undone by kids. In fact, on the internet, the instructions on how to get around them are easily accessible. You can receive a warning that parental control has been compromised or not, depending on your application.

Kids will find out all kinds of inventive ways to continue to do what they’re doing such as talk to friends, stay up late to play videogames, and watch videos that you may not want them to see.

6. What devices do these parental control apps support?

For mobile devices, Spyic is compatible with most Android (Android 4.4-10), iOS (iOS 9-iOS 13) or Kindle Fire OS mobile devices, including all tablets and phones.  Rooting or jailbreaking are not required by this app at all.

Spyic & some other apps like Minspy and Spyine are also compatible for desktop & allow you to directly monitor our kid’s activities from laptop or PC.

7. Do these apps work privately or in stealth mode?

It really depends on the kind of controls and the devices you have mounted. Without your children knowing it, some parental controls can be added, however critical thinking Media doesn’t suggest it (unless you have a very serious problem with your child and you need to track it discreetly). Be careful, in reality, with businesses that offer covert surveillance, as they appear to manipulate the fears of parents.


Parents are facing a challenge: balancing the pros and cons of granting digital freedom to their kids and determining the limits of that freedom. Parental control apps serve the best when it comes to limiting the phone activities or keep an eye on what your kids are doing on the phone. We hope that after reading this article, as a parent you have cleared all your doubts & are ready to use an app.

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