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Top Factors in Choosing a Safe Truck

Top Factors in Choosing a Safe Truck

Vehicle safety should be one of the most prominent considerations when choosing a vehicle, and none more so than when considering a commercial vehicle. The number of hours that a commercial vehicle, such as a truck, will spend on the road will far exceed that of a domestic car. This fact alone determines the need to be extra vigilant about safety features. Here we look at the top factors in choosing a safe truck.


If your budget was unlimited then we would all have the biggest, best, and safest truck around. Manufacturers would spare no expense. But this is not the real world, and we have choices to make on a budget. You may choose to look at the second-hand market, as opposed to buying new. When looking at used vehicles it is important to learn as much as possible about the history of it. Ask questions concerning whether the vehicle has been serviced at appropriate intervals, and request evidence of this. There are also checks you can do, a simple VIN check can tell you if the vehicle has ever been in an accident and needed serious repair.

Make & Model

It is important to consider which make and model of truck performs best in safety tests. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has a rating system, which you can look up. It takes into account how vehicles respond in different types of collisions and even if rolled in an accident. The good thing about these data is that they are independent of commercial influences from manufacturers and so can be trusted to inform your decision.


Most trucks have airbags now, but it is important to check if they include passenger-side airbags or just on the driver’s side. There are some developments in this industry. Check out these side airbags for deployment in the event of a rollover. If you are buying a second-hand vehicle it is important to check if the airbags need replacement. If the vehicle has been in an accident and the airbags were deployed then this will certainly mean they have. But even when un-used, an airbag has a lifespan, usually around ten years, and after this, you should have new ones fitted.


There’s no need to explain why brakes are essential to safety. But how do we ensure our brakes are the best possible? You may be offered options or upgrades when purchasing a new truck? If you aren’t offered options on brakes or already have the truck, then why not consider an upgrade. Even if your current brakes do not need replacing there are good reasons to consider this. If you are hauling loads that are near the payload limit of your vehicle, it can be a lifesaver to have the strongest possible braking system. It also can extend the lifespan of the brake to go for high-quality brands.

Cover & Mats

If you are involved in a messy industry, then protecting the interior of your truck from excessive wear and tear can be a wise investment. Think about how mud and grime can affect the upholstery, or scuffs and dirt can make the footwells damaged and messy. Look to a reputable truck accessories dealer who can recommend the best fit for your make and model. Not only does this make the truck more pleasant to drive, but it can also help maintain the value of it should you look to sell it in the future.


Consider the cargo bed of your truck? How do you keep it? Is it covered or protected in any way? You may not require it to be depending on what you are transporting. But consider that damage can affect the look and feel of the truck and even how it drives. It’s easy to get coverings for both the top and the floor of this area. Such measures can keep your loads dry and undamaged and protect the truck for the long-term.

Weather Adaptations

What about winter? Do you have the appropriate adaptations and accessories to stay on the road and avoid unnecessary accidents during this period? Basics, such as winter tires are a must. Consider other options such as snow chains if you get heavy snowfall in your area. For extreme conditions, you can even consider mounting a snowplow on the front of your truck. As well as allowing you to get around in extreme weather you could also charge to clear roads or premises for others.

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