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Top Chocolate Brands in the world

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Chocolate has always found its way through people’s hearts. Nicknamed the “food of the gods“, chocolate originated in Mexico. it is one famous food entire the world in addition to, there comes various varieties of chocolates. Chocolate is not just a delicious foodstuff to taste but likewise a fine gift to present. Though the procedure used to make delicious chocolate has long been standardized, individuals select chocolate brands from numerous chocolate businesses, as this enables them to select chocolates of their own interest with a large range of taste and quality. Chocolate industry is at this moment considered as the most wealthy business sectors throughout the globe.

Through the dazzling range of chocolates, what is your choice to take one? In this article you will read about the world’s best brand of chocolate within the past year.


SWISS THINS         

Swiss Thins or Lindt was 1st made in the year 1845 in Switzerland, with over a hundred and sixty year of history and experience swiss thins turned out to be the leading chocolate brand to sell its products over eighty countries worldwide. As Lindt chocolates are not too sweet, it’s not only liked by youngsters but also the old.



Guylian has been existing for the last 30 years. Its intensely sweet taste, which largely mixes chocolate with whole milk has made it internationally popular ever since its creation.  If you’re fond of sweet foodstuff, you can select Guylian without hesitation.

 ferrero rocher


This is a widely recognized chocolate produced in Italia. The spherical shaped sweet includes an absolutely-roasted hazelnut placed in a thin rounded shell filled with cream and covered with milk chocolate. Ferrero Rocher is singly packed inside a gold-colored wrapper which always provides an image of style. Apart from its special decoration, the novel concept it presents, likewise attracts a great quantity of customers.



Dated back to previous century, Maxim’s is popular for its classic rank. It is a symbol of graceful and exquisite, being a sophisticated mythology within France. Maxim’s has several productions, for example hazelnut-milk chocolate as well as milked-black chocolate and so on. Nonetheless, all of these have an element in common: an excessive price. It is really wonderful to give Maxim’s as a present to friends.


Ducd’O comprises of three diverse variety of chocolates, white chocolate for the sweetest flavor as you love; subsequently you can enjoy black chocolate if you like bitter to sweet and whole milk chocolate would be in quest in case you would like to taste both bitter and sweet equally.

Different chocolate brands have different roots within the history of chocolate. Ghirardelli, Lindt, Hershey, Nestle, and Mars are also top brands of chocolate around the globe. Also, these brands have gained a wonderful reputation throughout the world by delivering the class chocolates. Aside from these popular brands in chocolates, there are several more available. Such companies are also devoted to give the top chocolate products. An individual can pick chocolates from one of these brands that are sure to provide you utmost satisfaction.

Overall, there are a range of brands and range of variations of chocolates to pick from. You will experience baffled by the selections this industry gives you. Delicious chocolate is something individuals love in addition to, what better gift idea to give someone compared to these handmade truffles along with chocolate delights.

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