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Top Bike Brands in the World

Top Bike Brands in the World

Biking is one of the most sought activity for any youngster across the world. Riding for long on their favorite bike is an uncherished dream for many. The chills youngsters get while riding their respective bikes is an experience unmatched parallelly. With the coming of various bike brands across the world, people stand confused on choosing their dream. With many roads i.e. brands with various overlapping features across models, across companies, customers find it unable to find their perfect dream bike with the best combinations and price.  As bikes are portable and also can pass through narrow spaces and importantly provides the adrenaline rush, the demand for the geared two wheelers has risen incredibly and there is no looking back as the demand looks nowhere to stop and experts predict that the motorbike industry would gradually keep on increasing. This article would help people understand the top 3 players in the motorbike market and pave a way towards achieving the dream of buying the best bike for themselves.

Every person who owns a motorbike has a favorite name brand of the choice. Behind every bike, it shares a story of its owner who proudly owns it. Be it a TVS 500XL or a Harley Davidson. A person always chooses the best according to him. This brand name of choice has made some memory within your head as well as has also made a backing to be able to keep you returning. When you pick the accessories or components for your motorcycle there may often be several available brands which you can have never ever heard of. However, unless it is the only option accessible, a client is most likely to stick together with a brand name they know. People would be wanting the best brands, be it the spare parts of the automobile or the whole bike in itself. This article would explore into 3 worldwide recognized brands that stood tall in the automobile market and pronouncing the brand rings a bell across every person.


Yamaha Motor Company is a Japanese motorbike and motorized parts manufacturer. Yamaha was a company incorporated in 1955 and its initial product was a 125-cc single cylinder bike. It slowly started to produce 350-cc, 550-cc bikes and successfully launched bikes with a volume of 1000-cc. Yamaha bikes won the motorbike racing championships a whopping 39 times and also led their drivers to win the MotoGP, the most prestigious title in the biking world 6 times. Yamaha bike is known across the world and is recognizable by any person who even has a sparse knowledge on bikes. Yamaha advertises itself on the adrenaline rush it provides and it stands true in all their flagship models. For people craving style in their bikes, Yamaha is a perfect choice that has a perfect blend over price, quality and the price of the vehicles. Yamaha offers various models under different price brackets and segments its bikes accordingly to the features available and the price making it easy for their customers to choose their best bike according to their needs.


Honda Motor Company, Ltd. is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, motorcycles, and power equipment. Honda was once the worlds largest motorcycle manufacturer in terms of volume. Honda had reached a milestone figure of producing 400 million bikes worldwide. The Unique Selling point in the case of Honda motorbikes is the diversity they provide to their customers. Their models are simply named that are struck in the minds of the target segment for long instead of using the complex jargon and combinations of numbers and alphabets. Honda released a whole separate brand called Acura for launching their most luxurious projects. The diversity of Honda is that it could be brought by any person longing for a bike. There are numerous price brackets and all the models guarantee first class quality and a smooth ride. Honda started diversifying by slowly increasing their production in the sports bike market. While you are discussing about the most distinctive companies in the bicycling world, Honda bike is sure to show up. Honda is a household name and it is a company that can be trusted blindfolded in terms of the quality of products they provide.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is actually an American company which is all about motorcycles and accessories. Harley Davidson began its business back in the year 1903 and was destined to rule the roost in the automobile market. Harley Davidson is one the two motorcycle manufacturers to survive the great depression. Harley-Davidson is noted for a style of customization that gave rise to the chopper motorcycle style. Harley Davidson began with manufacturing super-heavy bike models and their USP was their heavyweight. Harley Davidson usually sells bikes in the vintage style. Harley Davidson is one of the brands that focuses on the service and luxury they provide to the consumer than the volume they produce. They compromise their economies of scale for the status symbol it provides. Its not that they have a very small range, they have the required range that keeps a biker satisfied and happy. It is no doubt that it is called the Virgin to the motorcycle world.

In conclusion, the popularity of bikes on their own is fairly simple; they’re brightly colored and also very fast. Within some tests, a few brand names proved as fast as manufacturing sports cars.

In case you’ve recently considered purchasing a bike, this is probably you have inquired what are the best well-known brand of motorcycles. In quite simple terms, typically the most well-known ones tend to be mostly Japanese bikes, with Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki being the top brands. Outside Japan, some other popular brands contain Ducati in Italy as well as Triumph in Britain.

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