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Tips to Picking The Right Lighting Fixtures For Your Home


Lighting, when done right, can elevate the design elements of any space. Lighting fixtures are functional in illuminating your home, add elements of intrigue and drama to your interiors, besides doubling up as decor pieces.

Lighting up your home may seem as easy as flicking a switch on. But the logic behind needs a deep understanding of how lights affect the overall ambience, mood, purpose, and style of the interiors.

When deciding on your home lighting, you need to factor in the size of the room, the way you use each room, the availability of natural light, and even large furniture pieces that may hinder the focus. Whether you are planning for the lighting layout for new interiors or upgrading the existing system at your home, here are some essential tips to picking the right lighting fixtures that wow effortlessly.

Illumination should fit the purpose

Doing a focused job like an intricate needlework under ambient lighting could strain your eyes. The same ambient lighting will do nothing to the exotic rug that graces your wall. So, use a focused light like a swing arm floor lamp for the sewing task and highlight the wall art with picture lamps. The ambient lighting can serve the purpose of general illumination of the room.

Layer it for drama

A room doesn’t need to have only one type of lighting. Installing just accent lights will sure look dramatic but will not brighten up the space. So, it makes sense to have all three types of lighting layered thoughtfully for a warm and harmonious effect. Consider a chandelier in the living room to make a statement, while a stylish lamp at the end table beside the sofa will aid your reading. A floor lamp will set the mood, while accent lights can showcase design elements in the room.

Allow the space to dictate the lighting 

The lighting of a room must suit how you use the space. The entrance to your home should look bright and inviting, possibly with an overhead light fixture. On the contrary, create a calm ambience in your bedroom with recessed lighting that will help you relax at the end of the day. Lighting fixtures with dimmers are a good choice for the bedroom.

But, the bathroom needs a balance between calm and stark task lighting like the sophisticated LED mirrors. Check out the Clearlight Designs lighted bathroom mirror that is bright enough for a relaxing bath while providing just the right amount of reflective illumination when you get ready for the day. Under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen will easily illuminate countertops for tasks, negating the shadows cast by overhead lights.

Lighting should complement the space

Too small or too few lighting fixtures will cast unwanted shadows and give an eerie feel to the space. At the same time, too large or too many fixtures will crowd a room. A large chandelier is as inappropriate in a small room as are just sconces on a large living room wall. Both the brightness of the lights and the size of the fixture should complement the space they are illuminating.

Consideration for energy efficiency

Be eco-friendly and choose the right lights that ensure lesser energy consumption. Say no to incandescent lights and bring in LED or CFLs to light your home. Besides being energy-efficient, these last longer, thus caring for your finances. Use natural light to the maximum effect so that you can minimise the usage of artificial lighting as well as your carbon footprint.

Tell us, which of these tips do you favour the most for your next home lighting upgrade project?

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