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Tips To Hide Unaesthetic Parts Of Your Home


We all work hard to ensure that our homes look the best they can. We carefully select the furniture, the colour schemes, the flooring, and everything else that goes into making our homes perfect. We spend a great deal of time, and just as much money trying to achieve that look.

The problem, however, is that, despite the images that we see in magazines, all homes have those bits that aren’t so pleasing to the eye. And as much as you’ve invested in luxury real estate, you need to find a suitable solution. While, in most cases, these things can’t be removed, they can certainly be hidden. We’re going to look at the top fixes that can keep your home looking as beautiful as you intended.

Never-ending cables

Technology has certainly advanced over the years. The reality nowadays is that no home is complete with the latest TV, at least one games console, a home computer, and multiple mobile phones. And that only scratches the surface. The problem with all of this tech is that it all needs electricity, which means cables!

Some have moved away from simply hiding cables. Instead, they have embraced them and used them as a feature. These creative types have created eye-catching wall art and just embraced that our homes must include cables.


We’d be lost without a boiler. As a source of hot water and heating, a boiler is a must. The problem is that these are usually installed in our kitchens. When you’ve given your all to create the perfect kitchen, a boiler mounted on the wall can be a little unsightly, to say the least. Don’t worry though. There are solutions to hide this.

Many people choose to opt for a cupboard, and this is perhaps the most straightforward way of hiding what can be a bit of an eyesore. However, that’s not always practical. When that’s the case, why not turn your boiler into a chalkboard and use it for posting reminders to yourself and family members?


Again, pipes are essential if we want hot water and to keep our homes warm, but there is no getting away from the fact that they’re ugly! Whether they’re running high up or down towards the floor, they still stand out and ruin the look that we’re aiming for.

Easy solutions here are to paint the pipes and to ensure that they’re the same colour as your walls. Another solution is to use free-standing furniture to cover the pipes.

AC unit

Having an AC unit is bound to make you the envy of all your friends. Especially when we get those rare heatwaves. However, while the cool air feels almost magical, the unit itself does little to add to the aesthetics of our homes.

The best way to hide these is to use a fence or latticework. You don’t want to fully cover the unit as it needs to be exposed to the air. These solutions do just enough without affecting how the unit works.


Another vital part of your heating system, your thermostat may not be quite as ugly as your boiler, but they always seem to be placed where they are most likely to be seen. Rather than being hidden out of sight, housebuilders seem to incorporate them into their designs to ensure they are on full display in your hallway or living room!

A great way to hide these away is with a canvas. Please choose your favourite piece of artwork and strategically hang it to keep your thermostat out of sight. It will possibly even fool the teenage kids and stop them from whacking it up to complete each time they pass.

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