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The Newly Launched B2Broker Group $5M Venture Fund To Jump The Corporation On A New Level

B2Broker Venture Fund

The long-awaited event has officially taken place – B2Broker Group launched Venture Capital, a venture fund with a capital of $5 million. The step means much for the overall development of the corporation towards its way to global leadership in sectors related to financial markets. The qualified and successful team with experience in diverse sectors from IT products development to capital management heads the fund, aiming to enhance the B2Broker Group ecosystem with revolutionary, innovative solutions.

As for the future partners, investments are the key part to meet end goals; meanwhile, Venture Capital is ready to provide them with more opportunities, unlocking access to the corporate experience and technological base to move to a brand new level.

Internal investments as a jumpstart on the market

B2Broker Group came into existence in 2014, while constant development and striving for leadership had been outlined as primary goals from the very beginning. The corporation has soon understood that internal investments are the must-have to conquer the market through innovative and high-end solutions.

Since 2017 more than $15 million have been invested in internal projects to build a powerful ecosystem, and 18 top-rated solutions highly demanded by institutional clients globally show the company is paving the right path.

Most of the launched products are awarded as the best market solutions. B2BinPay, a gateway for crypto payments, enables merchants and enterprises to select the progressive side, while the product was recognized as the best crypto payment provider of 2021. B2BX, a licensed and secure crypto exchange, or B2Prime, a provider of institutional liquidity, is based on the same principles. When B2Broker Group starts a new internal project, the end goal lies in making this project the best market solution ever.

The interest in external projects

The experience in internal investing disclosed the highest potential of developed solutions for the B2Broker Group ecosystem in general; this is why the corporation got its feet wet in external investments as well. Coinsbuy is the most notable example of B2Broker VC external investment. The project makes it exceptionally straightforward for newer users to enter the crypto market, buying digital assets with credit/debit cards, and other in-demand payment methods.

The Venture Capital fund outlined some sectors that are of primary investment interest: fintech product, IT development and automation services, projects related to brokerage services.

B2Broker VC investment principles

The foremost concern lies in the necessity to share the same goals and principles. B2Broker Group believes there is no room for complacency, striving for leadership in every sector the corporation is related to. This is why our partners need to understand the market well and always want more. Our partnership is not a transient phenomenon but long-term strategic cooperation to achieve mutual benefits.

As for the way of investment, B2Broker VC is ready to find the best-matching solution – our partners may get tranches through equity holding or convertible loans, for instance. When a project meets our goals, that is the easiest task to find the preferred investment option.

A step-by-step guide to becoming our partner comprises the following stages:

  1. Prepare the required documents and send an application via email.
  2. Provide our specialists with the required data for the product performance evaluation.
  3. Undergo a set of questions and meetings to let B2Broker VC understand whether your goals are mutual.
  4. Wait for the final decision.

When the partnership is approved, the fund transfers the first tranche within 2-6 months.

B2Broker VC is primarily interested in products related to the following spheres:

  • Fintech development.
  • IT development (the primary interest is related to plugins for Metatrader platforms and trading platforms for FX, CFDs, digital assets, and other instruments).
  • Automation services.

Furthermore, the fund welcomes projects related to the B2Broker Group ecosystem. When your project is related to the brokerage market, submit an application to get investments.

When the final decision is positive, a partnering company gets a string of opportunities on top of investments. Our team offers high-end financial assistance and unlocks access to the corporate infrastructure, offices, and technology groups to implement the many years’ experience for conquering new highs.

Submit your application

The size of your company or the entrepreneurial experience doesn’t matter for B2Broker VC, as the fund’s team analyzes the product to understand whether it corresponds with outlined goals and prospects. All the applicants have equal rights.

Project founders may email us via Open the website to get learn more about B2Broker venture investments.

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