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The new BMW K 1600 GT, K 1600 GTL, K 1600 B and K 1600 Grand America

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The new K 1600 models: Six-cylinder fascination for dynamic and luxurious riding, touring, and cruising. Six-cylinder in-line engines have always belonged to the showcase drives at BMW. Since 2010, BMW Motorrad offers fascinating high-performance and luxurious six-cylinder equipment at the highest level with the K 1600 models. The K 1600 GT represents the particularly agile, dynamic variant of the six-cylinder design, while the K 1600 GTL with its more comfortable ergonomics and the standard top case is more for pleasurable riding.

The K 1600 B is of a completely different breed. It provides characteristic “streamlining” with a low rear section in bagger style. Its motto is “The Spirit of the Open Road”. It represents elegance, power, and luxury on two wheels and allows the rider to experience every road, every tour, and every moment particularly intensively. Derived from the K 1600 B, the K 1600 Grand America finally combines the superior performance of the six-cylinder in-line engine with exclusive equipment features that make long-distance rides in American highway cruising style an experience that is as comfortable as it is fascinating, both alone or with a partner.

Revised six-cylinder in-line engine according to EU-5 regulations with new engine control, knock sensor system, and revised emission concept as well as engine drag torque control.
For use in the new K 1600 GT, GTL, B, and Grand America, the inspiring six-cylinder engine has been adapted to the current EU-5 regulations. From a technical point of view, the use of the BMS-O engine control, two knock sensors, and two additional broadband lambda probes form the centerpiece. In addition to drastically improved emission values, there are also noticeable benefits relating to the power and torque of the six-cylinder engine. The nominal capacity is still 118 kW (160 hp). However, it is now already achieved at a rotational speed of 6 750 rpm and thus 1 000 rpm sooner than was formerly the case. In addition, the technical new features provide an increase of the maximum torque from previously 175 Nm to now 180 Nm at a rotational speed of still 5 250 rpm. Even more superior pulling power and even more powerful acceleration are the noticeable positive effects for the rider.

The engine drag torque control (MSR) is another new component. With it, unstable riding conditions, which can develop in coasting mode or when shifting down gears due to excessive slip at the rear wheel, can be reliably avoided.

Dynamic ESA “Next Generation” electronic suspension with fully automatic load compensation.
The BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA “Next Generation” (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) on the new K 1600 GT, GTL, B, and Grand America enables even higher dimensions in terms of riding safety, performance, and comfort, because damping is automatically adapted to the riding conditions and maneuvers, and there is also automatic riding position compensation in all load states.

Highly modern LED light units and new full-LED adaptive headlight.
BMW Motorrad has been a pioneer for decades in terms of safety when biking. Accordingly, the new K 1600 GT, GTL, B, and Grand America already provide highly modern LED light units as standard. The new full-LED headlight with LED lens technology and iconic daytime riding light (depending on the market) illuminates the road with an unrivaled bright, clear light and underlines the prestige claim of the new six-cylinder models. Another standard component of the headlight is the swiveling “adaptive headlight” function. With it, the low-beam LED headlight is turned into the curve according to the heel angle. Curves are thus almost fully illuminated because the light is where the motorbike is moving.

In addition, by swiveling the entire headlight unit (±2°), the vehicle dynamic states (braking, accelerating) is automatically controlled and optimum illumination is ensured at all times. In addition, there are a number of new light functions such as the “welcome light”.

New, 10.25 inch TFT color display with integrated map navigation, easy-to-use route planning, and comprehensive connectivity as standard.
The new K 1600 GT, GTL, B, and Grand America are standard-equipped with a new 10.25 inch TFT color display with integrated map navigation and connectivity. Due to excellent readability, clear menu navigation, and a highly integrated operating concept, they are at the top of their motorbike segment. The new 10.25-inch color display allows a navigation map to be displayed on the instrument cluster, meaning an additional display is not required.

Audio system 2.0 – a new digital sound dimension as standard or as optional equipment ex-works.
With audio system 2.0, the new K 1600 GTL and Grand America already provide an even more intensive sound experience as standard. The audio system is available as optional equipment ex works for the K 1600 GT and K 1600 B.

Superior riding capability and six-cylinder dynamics in attractive basic colors, exclusive style, and noble Option 719 variants. Option 719 “Midnight” with water transfer printing method for K 1600 B and K 1600 Grand America.
The new K 1600 GT, GTL, B, and Grand America are available in three attractive color options each: a basic variant, a style variant, and Option 719. Option 719 “Midnight” is particularly noteworthy, which is only available for K 1600 B and K 1600 Grand America. The highlight of this equipment variant is the paintwork in Meteoric Dust II metallic with the “Galaxy” theme depicted using the water transfer printing method.

Highlights of BMW K 1600 GT, GTL, B, and Grand America:

  • The revised six-cylinder in-line engine according to EU-5 regulations with new BMS-O engine control.
  • Two knock sensors and four lambda probes instead of the previous two.
  • Power 118 kW (160 hp) at 6 750 rpm (previously 7 750 rpm).
  • Torque: 180 Nm at 5 250 rpm (previously 175 Nm).
  • Exemplary emission values, smooth running, and performance.
  • Even more powerful acceleration across the entire speed range due to increased torque.
  • Knock sensors for optimized riding capability.
  • Engine drag torque control (MSR) as standard.
  • Dynamic ESA “Next Generation” electronic suspension with fully automatic load compensation as standard.
  • New full-LED adaptive headlight as standard.
  • Connectivity: New multifunctional instrument cluster with  10.25 inch full-color TFT display and numerous features such as easy-to-use telephony with extended smartphone connection as standard.
  • Smartphone compartment with USB-C charging option as standard.
  • 4 freely assignable favorite buttons as standard.
  • New audio system 2.0 as optional equipment.

Intelligent eCall emergency call equipment as optional equipment ex works.

  • One attractive basic color, style variant, and Option 719 variant each.
  • Option 719 “Midnight” for K 1600 B and K 1600 Grand America: Paintwork in Meteoric Dust II metallic with “Galaxy” theme applied by water transfer printing method.
  • Extended range of optional equipment and original BMW Motorrad accessories.

Source: BMW

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