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The Biggest Betting Events for Sports Lovers

The Biggest Betting Events for Sports Lovers

Whether you participate or not, the betting markets surrounding all the famous household sporting competitions and teams props them up through sponsorships. Working hand in hand, the betting world would very much struggle without the sports betting market throughout the globe which is so large. Betting on sport adds that extra exhilaration to a rainy Tuesday night fixture in Stoke or can earn you big bucks at the Grand National as your outsider crosses that finish line first, turning a drab affair into one with purpose. It draws more punters to the sport, perhaps most commonly in horse racing and reaches the sport out to more people. It is pivotal in the modern sporting age to work with betting companies to continue to be profitable and prosperous. Regardless of where you are in your betting career, whether you are a beginner or a veteran, we are going to have a look at the biggest betting events for sports lovers.

Fifa World Cup

The Fifa world cup is the biggest sporting event in football, if not all sports. Its sheer size and popularity mean its edges its way onto this list by proxy. Coming around every 4 years this colossal festival of football reaches millions live and billions through the TV. And seen as football is, not surprisingly, the world’s favourite sport to bet on, the world cup draws huge swathes of punters to the bookies to try and cement some winnings. More than two-thirds of global revenues from gambling are earned in football and the World Cup is the creme de la creme of this sport. It is estimated during the most recent 2018 Russian World Cup that there was around £40 billion profit made by punters. A keen bettor couldn’t miss out on this brilliant sporting event without sticking a wee something on the line, finding which bookies to use can be a tough decision, there will be tonnes of tips at Infogol when the next world cup starts.

Kentucky Derby

Horse Racing and betting go hand in hand. The sport is perhaps the most heavily influenced by the betting scene compared with any other sport in the world. Perhaps because of this, it is an absolute goldmine for some. Where better to combine horse racing and some betting than with the biggest and most prestigious race in America. The Kentucky Derby in Louisville holds a capacity of 150,000 but many more punters tune in on the TV. The ‘greatest two minutes of sport’, as it is known, is worth more than $200 million and that’s not even accounting for the wagers placed on this race which are bound to be sky high.


In every country football dominates, but in America the sport is very different. Here the NFL and American Football is the top dog as opposed to the more traditional ‘soccer’. The pinnacle of the NFL season is the world-famous Superbowl. This is the biggest single sporting event of the year and draws in huge numbers of viewers from around the planet. It is therefore, as you could guess, a huge market for the betting companies and punters to try their luck. The 2018 final set a new record for betting on the singular game with over $4.5 billion being wagered – and this only counts Americans betting, the figure is thought to be way more than that worldwide. If you are a keen gambler and sports enthusiast then you can without a doubt not miss the Superbowl.

The Grand National

One of the most prestigious sporting events throughout the year, let alone in the horse racing world. This is an event which draws crowds from old men to wee kids. Branching out from the normal racing experts to hook the attention of your cousins, aunties, uncles, aunties dog – need I go on? The Grand National is an exhilarating 30 hurdle steeplechase which has thrown some super memorable sporting moments over the years. Along with this and its electric live atmosphere, the Aintree racetrack provides host to a hugely popular betting and sporting event. From office sweepstakes to huge 100/1 single punts, the race gets a bet from everyone. The race is  viewed by half a million people and has been known to draw in more than £300 million pounds in betting money. This is one sporting event not to be missed and without a doubt one of the biggest sporting events for sport lovers.

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