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The Best Brands of 6×9 Speakers

If you like an extra thump in your bass while driving, this guide on 6×9 speaker brands will be right up your alley.

There are two major types of 6×9 speakers. There are the coaxial ones (also called full range) and component sets. Coaxial have a tweeter and woofer in the same speaker, while components have separate tweeters and woofers that you can place where you like. They both sound good for their price points, but if money is no object then we recommend going with component sets as they offer better performance at a higher price.

Most 6×9 speakers have a fairly shallow mounting depth, so be aware of that if you were planning on installing these in your doors or other tight spaces. If you’ve got some room to work with then they’re not too bad though. You’ll just need to make sure there’s enough space behind your seats (if applicable) and that you have a sturdy mounting surface.

Anyway, here are the best brands of 6×9 speakers out there to date:

8. CT Sounds Meso

CT Sounds Meso


CT Sounds makes some of the most unique looking 6x9s on the market. They’re made out of wood and have a really nice retro feel to them in addition to very clear sound quality. The tweeter is also slightly angled so you won’t have any issues with it being blocked by your seat or dashboard, and it’s low-profile woofer means this speaker will fit into tight spaces as well. A great choice for those looking for something different than the rest.

7. Rockford Fosgate Punch


When you’re ready to step up from your factory speakers, Rockford Fosgate is a great brand to check out. They make some of the best 6×9 speaker systems on the market and offer them at affordable prices. The P1683 are Punch Series upgraded component sets featuring a pair of tweeters (neodymium) and woofers (ceramic). The crossover network allows you to adjust tweeter level for the best performance possible.

They also have an optional grille with an integrated tweeter and woofer attachment that you can use to make these look a bit more stock if you’re looking to keep your vehicle’s aesthetics intact.

6. Alpine SPS-619C Type-S Coaxial Car Speakers


Alpine is one of the best brands in car audio, and their SPS-619C Type-S coaxials are no exception. At a price point that’s lower than you’d expect to get this level of quality from a company like Alpine. They’re packed with enough technology to please even the pickiest audiophile. These include tweeters made out of pure silk, aluminum woofers that are lightweight but very stiff and a tweeter with a double magnet. These are very efficient speakers, so you’ll be able to power them up to high volumes without stressing your amplifier too much.

5. JVC CS-J6930


The JVC CS-J6930 6×9 speakers are a great option for anyone who wants to make the switch to component sets without breaking the bank. The company has been around since 1927 and they’re known for making high-quality products. Their car audio products have received some critical acclaim as well, which is why we highly recommend them. They sound good, look fantastic and will last you a long time if taken care of properly. There’s not much more that you could ask for when you’re investing in a 6×9 speaker.

4. Kenwood KFC-6995PS


Kenwood has been making excellent car audio equipment for a long time. All of their products are built with good quality, which is why they’re so highly regarded in the industry. The KFC-6995PS 6×9 speakers should be no exception to that rule, and you’ll be able to take advantage of their well-made construction at an affordable price point.

With a power handling of up to 650 watts these speakers can handle quite a bit of power, and they even come with a high temperature-resistant voice coil. There are other perks as well: these speakers have excellent sound dispersion for better audio quality in your car, they’re equipped with some very nice rubber surround materials which will prevent distortion at higher volumes and make the bass more accurate, and there’s also a light weight aluminum woofer cone which makes them easier to install.

Overall these 6×9 speakers are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a good balance between power and performance, with the added benefit of having some nicer features like the high-temperature voice coil.

3. JBL Stage 9603

JBL Stage 9603

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, JBL produces some pretty solid products across all price points. They’re definitely one of the best in this department, as evidenced by their Stage 9603 set of speakers. These have a really nice sound quality and are great for any kind of music from classic rock to hip hop. We think they would be ideal if you were building a budget system or just wanted a pair that worked well for the money. The only downside is that they don’t have a super high wattage, so if you’re looking to power them with an amp then keep in mind that they’ll be limited to what you can push them with. Overall though, we think these are a great buy and will give you the performance you need without cluttering up your sound too much or taking away from it either.

2. Kicker 43DSC69304


The Kicker 43DSC69304 is a great choice if you’re looking for a set of coaxials that will last you at least a few years. The reason why we love these so much is because they can handle power up to 360 watts, and the woofer has rubber surround coating which helps it last longer than most speakers out there. If you need something to drive your system with then this is a great choice, and we’d recommend these if you’re looking for something of high quality.

1 . JBL GTO939


JBL is a reputable company that has been making speakers for years. Their GTO939 6×9 speaker set comes with 2 speakers, which means you get high quality sound on both sides of your vehicle. They are reasonably priced and will help provide someone looking to upgrade their factory car audio system some decent bass while driving around town or on the interstate. They’re not the absolute best 6×9 speakers available but for the price they provide almost unbeatable value.

All in all, if you’re looking for some decent speakers that don’t cost too much then 6×9 coaxial sets are a good place to start and they’ll still sound better than most stock car audio systems. If you’ve got more cash to spend or want to take your system even further, then we recommend considering component sets instead. They give you better performance at higher prices which is what most audiophiles prefer.

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