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The Best Brand of Can Dog Food


Canned dog food is the main source of food for these pets. This is also true for cats, although many cat owners prefer to feed their felines with fresh meat and other foods that are not canned. However, some people state that canned dog food can be too high in sodium (salt), which can lead to health problems such as heart disease if the pet has a tendency towards this malady or he eats too much of it.

There are several companies that sell both dry and wet canine diets, including Purina, Iams and Royal Canin. These companies state that their products are formulated to meet the needs of dogs according to their age, size and weight as well as the conditions they live in (inside or outside). However, most veterinarians recommend feeding your dog a good dry diet if you can’t afford wet food.

Let’s take a look at the best brands of canned dog food around today:

8. Canidae All Life Stages Canned Dog Food


This is a grain-free formula that’s made with fresh, all natural ingredients and free of artificial colors or preservatives. It also contains high levels of protein (26%) along with taurine and L-carnitine to enhance its nutritional profile. In addition, Canidae provides your dog will many vitamins and minerals needed for good health including Vitamin C, calcium carbonate, zinc sulfate as well as iron proteinate among others. This diet has a low fat content in combination with a high fiber content may help your pet to maintain a healthy weight.

7. Merrick Classic Canned Dog Food


This Purina company’s dog food is made with natural ingredients, including real beef and chicken. It also contains no artificial colors or flavors. The product comes in a variety of sizes from 13 ounces to five pounds, making it easy to find the one that works for your pet. One 16-ounce can costs around $2.50 and lasts about four meals for a 10-pound dog – not much more expensive than dry food. Merrick products are available through online retailers such as and Amazon.

6. Ollie Fresh Dog Food


Ollie Fresh dog food is a reputable company that specializes in making high quality premium canned foods for dogs. Their products are based on natural ingredients and include no hormones, fillers or by-products. The main ingredient is chicken, which helps to provide dogs with amino acids such as taurine (essential for heart health), L-carnitine (for muscle growth) and tryptophan, which improves the condition of hair and skin while reducing shedding. This product also includes omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are excellent for the health of your dog’s skin.

Ollie Fresh is not formulated to meet the needs of puppies or adult dogs over eight years old. This canned food does not contain any wheat, corn or soy and it has no by-products such as blood meal, bone meal or animal fat. It also contains vitamin E to support a healthy immune system and beta carotene, which helps to promote good vision in pets with normal eyesight.

5. Halo Wet Dog Food


This wet food comes in a variety of flavors including Chicken Tenders with Sweet Potato & Chickpeas (7.5 oz), Lamb and Brown Rice Medley (3.5 oz) and Salmon, Peas, Carrots & Quinoa (12 oz). Each flavor is made from human grade ingredients that have been cooked to retain the natural goodness of the meat or fish and nothing artificial has been added at all. The company also states that their products are free from corn, wheat gluten and other ingredients that are not good for dogs.

4. Weruva Wet Dog Food


This wet dog food contains a balanced amount of protein, fat and fiber. It comes in cans that are made in the U.S., which has great health standards when it comes to meat processing and canning. This product is suitable for dogs of all breeds over six months old; however, it is not recommended for puppies under eight weeks old or those with a sensitive stomach. The main ingredients included in this diet are chicken and fish as well as sweet potatoes, brown rice, carrots and peas.

3. Wellness Stews Canned Dog Food


This variety of wet food is made with natural ingredients and contains no grains, wheat or soy. It comes in cans that are 12 oz. in size and 6 cans make a case so you can order what your dog will need for the month at one time. The price per can is $2 to $3 (as of this writing).

Ingredients: Beef, chicken broth, meat by-products and natural flavor. The first 3 ingredients are very nutritious for a dog because they are full of protein while the last 2 do not contain much good stuff at all. They also have water content of up to 80% (which is a lot) and sodium content of around 300 mg per can.

2. The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Canned Dog Food

The Farmer’s Dog

This is a product that your dog will love, and you’ll be able to tell from the first time he eats it. It offers great taste and nutrition that makes dogs healthy and strong while helping them maintain a hard coat with shiny fur. The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Dog Food is ideal for adult dogs of both genders when they need more calories in their diet. Dogs fed this food are likely to have stronger immune systems, better health, shinier coats, brighter eyes and better digestion.

1. Instinct Original Wet Dog Food

Instinct Original

Instinct offers a variety of canned dog foods for your pooch, but the original formula is probably one of the best. It’s loaded with real meat and other wholesome ingredients that can appeal to all dogs’ appetites in addition to their taste buds. The natural turkey flavor appeals to most dogs and it has no corn or soy fillers typical in commercially produced dog food products today. This product contains chicken meal, as well as lamb meal and egg protein for strength maintenance. The company also offers a grain-free formula if your pet is sensitive to grains or gluten.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why you should feed your animal good wet dog food. While wet and canned foods are usually better than the average commercial dog diets on the market, they have their own disadvantages. Keep in mind that it is always best to discuss any issues related to pet diet with your veterinarian before deciding which type of dog food is best for you and your furry friend. And remember, dog food is just one factor in determining the overall quality of your animal’s life.

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