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The Best Food Brands of Asia


Asia’s food brands compete heavily over products such as rice, teas and dairy products that aren’t in such high demand in the West.

Let’s take a look at the best food brands of Asia:

8. Suntory Beverages & Food Limited (SBF)


Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd is one of Asia’s leading companies based on revenue generation within the F&B industry. It offers a wide range of beverages including alcoholic drinks like whiskey; non-alcoholic drinks like tea and soft drinks; coffee machines; cooking ingredients such as seasonings and sauces; processed foods that include canned fruits and candies among others. 

SBF also has a joint venture with PepsiCo Inc., 1st Foods Co., Ltd established specifically to develop convenience stores opportunities in Southeast Asia called 7-Eleven Convenience Stores Company Limited (7-Eleven). 

Furthermore SBF also owns several major fast food outlets around Asia Pacific region including Manchu Wok restaurants across China which serves Chinese cuisines at over 700 locations globally while YOSHINOYA operates around 500 steakhouse restaurants worldwide serving premium quality steaks selected directly from cattle raised at their own ranch located just outside Kobe City in Hyogo Prefecture.

7. Oishi


Oishi is a brand of food products, headquartered in Singapore. Oishi means ‘delicious’ in Japanese and the company name derives from this word as it stands for delicious life. The company was founded by Mr Jiro Ono who immigrated to Singapore from Japan after World War II and set up his business selling ice cream under the brand name “Ono Ice Cream”. 

In 1974, he started manufacturing Pocky snack sticks and expanded into other confectionery lines such as wafer rolls, biscuits and chocolate bars which are now distributed globally through its subsidiaries on six continents with its main markets being Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia where 97% sales come from.

6. Nissin Foods Holdings


Nissin is a brand of instant noodles and snacks based in Japan. The company was founded in 1948 by Mr Momofuku Ando who invented the world’s first cup noodle following an accidental discovery during his research on flash-frying dried food. 

Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd has since grown to become one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of instant noodles, rice, breads and other savoury products in Asia. It currently operates factories across Japan as well as China with global regional offices located in Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

5. CJ Korea Foods Corp

CJ Korea Foods Corp

CJ Korea Foods is a South Korean food business, headquartered in Seoul City, South Korea. It operates through two segments: Functional Food & Beverage; Animal Feed Additive which includes Yeast Culture and Bio-Chemicals Businesses etc. 

The company’s main products include Kimchi (traditional fermented vegetables); functional foods including the health drink ‘BANANA PEARL’ with claims that it provides energy boost; snacks such as dried seaweed; coffee drinks including latte and mocha varieties; traditional tea drinks such as tteokbokki and soju (rice wine). In addition to this it also produces animal feed additives for poultry farming operations amongst other things. 

4. Beijing Sanyuan Food Group Ltd 

Beijing Sanyuan Food Group Ltd

Beijing Sanyuan is a Chinese food business, headquartered in Beijing City, China. It has 52 product lines and claims that it supplies over 400 million cans of products per year to over 700 supermarkets across 70 cities within China. 

The group’s main areas are canned vegetables; fruit drinks; frozen foods (meat and seafood); instant noodles; seasoning mixes; sauces; dairy products including fresh milk powder etc., with the majority of these being sold under the brands ‘Shenlida’ or ‘Xingfu Tongbao’ which translates as Happy Family in English. 

In addition to this the company also produces infant formula for sale both within its home market as well as abroad – most notably Indonesia where it partnered with PT Indo Amina Sejahtera Tbk on 7 July 2017 to produce and sell high-quality baby formula through selected shops throughout Indonesia.

3. Yashili International Holding Ltd 

Yashili International Holding Ltd

Yashili is a Chinese dairy business, headquartered in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. The company was founded by Mr Wang Wenyin but the current CEO and chairman of the board is his son Mr Wang Jinyuan who is also known as Yan Qi. 

Yashili has claimed that it supplies its products to over 30 countries worldwide with milk powder being manufactured at its three production bases which are based in Hulunbuir City Heilongjiang province; Jinzhou Liaoning province; Tongliao Inner Mongolia region. It claims that it has annual revenues of $2 billion USD from sales of around 3 million tons per year across all product lines.

2. Yili Group Co Ltd 


Yili Group is one of China’s largest dairy producers headquartered in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China. Its main business areas include milk powder production and sales; infant formula production and sales; edible oils production and sales; vegetable oil processing business; beverage manufacturing operations (including water purification); livestock breeding operations (including wool industry); canned vegetables and fruits businesses. 

It also operates joint ventures with firms including Unilever plc. In addition to this it has an R&D division which includes 12 laboratories across various provinces within China working on new technologies for use within the group’s own brands as well as external customers. It claims that over 270 million people consume its products every day across over 40 countries worldwide.

1. Amoy


Amoy is a brand of food products, headquartered in Singapore. The company was founded by the late Mr Eng Lian Teng (1910 – 2003), who immigrated to Singapore from Fujian province, China and subsequently set up his business in 1937 as a trading firm supplying various goods for the Chinese market. 

This included Yi Xing rice wine which he imported directly from China. His son, Mr Eng Beng Khiang took over after him and transformed Amoy into an established local supplier of branded rice wine starting in 1973.

Made of a blend of rice wine and sugar, Amoy’s rice wines are made using traditional methods and secret recipes. It is one of the best-selling brands in Singapore as its products are widely available across most supermarkets and convenience stores on the island. The brand also exports to South East Asia, Korea, Taiwan and China.

That concludes our roundup of the best food brands in Asia. If you think there’s any we’ve missed then do drop us a line and make your suggestions.

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