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SpaceX Launches Portable Starlink Mini Kits: Fast Satellite Internet On-the-Go

Starlink Mini
  • SpaceX introduces compact Starlink Mini kits for portable satellite-based internet access, priced at $599 initially.
  • Mini kits include integrated WiFi router, offer faster speeds exceeding 100 Mbps, and are aimed at high-usage regions initially.

SpaceX is now providing some customers an updated Starlink Kit. It’s compact enough to be tucked into bags, meaning that customers can carry it where they’d like and have access to SpaceX’s satellite-based internet services. It’s a smaller version of the Starlink Mini will cost $599 at the start in accordance with the email messages SpaceX have released. It’s a hundred dollars more expensive than a standard dish as well as users require an existing regular service plan since they will only be able to purchase to the Mini Roam service at the additional cost of $30 per month. According to a Starlink customer who is a residential one will need to shell out $150 per month when they purchase the Mini.

It’s possible that the smaller dish won’t last forever for that price However, it is. SpaceX has stated in its announcement that it is working on making Starlink less expensive in general but that it’s providing a small number of Mini Kits “in regions with high usage” currently. Recently SpaceX’s chief Elon Musk spoke about Mini on X (formerly also known as Twitter) and described it as an “great low-cost option.” Musk also stated that it would price “about half the price of the standard dish to buy and monthly subscription.”

In SpaceX’s announcement, they declared that it was announcing that the Starlink Mini dish comes with WiFi router built in, which means it’s not just smaller than the regular version but also requires less elements to connect to the internet. The dish also uses less power as well as has DC power supply and can handle downloading speeds exceeding 100 Mbps. Alongside it’s own dish it comes with a stand, a pipe adapter, power source and a cable equipped with a USB-C port on one side as well as a barrel jack at the opposite end.

According to the message from the company the announcement, the Mini is only making its way to areas where there is a high level of usage in the present. However, Michael Nicolls, VP of Starlink Engineering, said on the news channel it was expanding production on the Mini and will become available on international markets shortly.

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