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Yubo’s Sharone Franco Takes Leadership Role in Tech Coalition To Enhance Online Child Safety

Yubo's Sharone Franco Takes Leadership Role in Tech Coalition To Enhance Online Child Safety

Yubo strengthens its role in online safety as Sharone Franco joins the Tech Coalition board to combat child exploitation. 

Sharone Franco, Yubo’s head of legal and public policy, has recently joined the Tech Coalition’s board of directors, marking a significant step in the fight against online safety risks for minors. The Tech Coalition, a prestigious alliance of leading technology companies, is dedicated to eradicating online child exploitation. Franco’s appointment underscores the Paris-based app’s commitment to creating safer digital environments for children and teens.

Sharone Franco brings a wealth of experience to her new role with the Tech Coalition. Franco has been a staunch advocate for online safety as a practicing attorney specializing in data protection, cybersecurity, and intellectual property litigation. In 2023, she led the development of the Afnor-Spec reference document, a groundbreaking initiative that set uniform standards for child online safety on digital platforms.

“I am honored to join the Tech Coalition board of directors and work alongside such esteemed leaders of the global tech industry to further advance the mission of fostering online safety for young users. At Yubo, the safety of our users is a top priority, and industry collaboration is a cornerstone of our online safety innovation efforts. My appointment to the board is a valuable opportunity for our team to strengthen its ties to like-minded organizations and work as a collective to eliminate online safety issues at scale,” Franco stated. 

The live social discovery app joined the Tech Coalition in 2021.

Yubo: Pioneering Social Discovery

Yubo, a social discovery app founded in France in 2015, has quickly become a significant platform for Generation Z to forge new friendships and connect meaningfully. With 80 million users spanning more than 140 countries, the app’s unique approach sets it apart from traditional social media platforms. Unlike platforms that focus on popularity metrics like likes and follows, Yubo encourages authenticity and genuine interactions. Users can participate in livestreaming sessions and engage in real-time conversations, fostering community and connection.

Safety is at the heart of Yubo’s mission. The platform continuously innovates its safety features and policies with guidance from a board of safety experts. This board includes leaders from respected organizations such as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and The Diana Award. Yubo’s emphasis on safety ensures that young users can explore and connect in a secure online environment, free from the pressures and risks often associated with other social media platforms.

“Together with the Tech Coalition, Yubo is committed to leveraging its platform and resources to make meaningful advancements in child protection and online safety,” stated Sacha Lazimi, Yubo co-founder and CEO.

Social discovery differentiates itself from traditional social media by emphasizing discovering new people and interests over maintaining existing connections. Unlike conventional social networking platforms, where users typically interact with people they already know, social discovery platforms encourage users to explore new relationships and communities.

Yubo epitomizes this approach by eliminating likes and follows, metrics that often contribute to the pressure to present a curated, often unrealistic version of oneself. Instead, Yubo promotes genuine interactions and real-time engagement through livestreaming and chat features. This approach fosters authentic connections and reduces traditional social media platforms‘ competitive and sometimes toxic environment.

Traditional social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are designed to maintain and expand existing social networks. They often prioritize content sharing, status updates, and interaction with a user’s existing connections. The focus is on building a digital representation of one’s real-life social network, often leading to cultivating a specific online persona.

In contrast, social discovery platforms like Yubo encourage users to step outside their existing social bubbles. It appeals to younger users who seek meaningful connections beyond their immediate social circles. These platforms offer a refreshing alternative to superficial interactions that characterize more established social networks. This fundamental difference creates a more dynamic and inclusive online experience, particularly appealing to younger generations who value authenticity and exploration.

The Tech Coalition: A Unified Front Against Online Exploitation

Established in 2006, the Tech Coalition unites the resources and expertise of the tech industry’s most influential companies to tackle online child safety issues. The coalition has been at the forefront of developing solutions to protect minors in the digital world. One of its most notable initiatives is Lantern, a cross-platform signal-sharing program designed to enhance child safety policy enforcement across various tech companies.

Sean Litton, president and CEO of the Tech Coalition, enthusiastically welcomed Franco’s appointment. “We are thrilled to welcome Sharone Franco to the Tech Coalition board of directors. Her dedication to online safety and expertise in international public policy make her a valuable addition. With her leadership, we are confident that the Tech Coalition can continue to develop innovative solutions and set higher standards for online child safety,” Litton stated.

The Tech Coalition board also includes Verizon, Meta, Zoom, Roblox, Google, Amazon, TikTok, and Microsoft industry leaders. This diverse group is committed to leveraging their collective knowledge and resources to protect children from online exploitation and abuse.

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