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SonKim Retail wins a Global Award at the 9th edition of Global Brands Magazine Awards

Based on a rich heritage of experience and achievements spanning over two centuries, Son Kim Retail (SKR) is committed to continuing its journey to spearhead trends and create a new lifestyle that all Vietnamese will adapt and adore, as well as to bring values and prosperity to the community.

A background of over 70 years of experience

The story of Son Kim Group originated in the mid-1950s from the foundation of Dai Thanh – the renowned, family-run, and industry-leading textile corporation in Vietnam at the time. Inheriting valuable experience from the previous generations, in 1993, Son Kim Investment and Development Company Limited (the precursor of Son Kim Retail) was founded, and the business expanded into real estate, retail, manufacturing and media.

Son Kim Retail, in a joint venture with Quadrille Nishida, established Vera, an undergarment brand in a time when Vietnamese women still hadn’t placed much emphasis on investing in high-quality undergarments for themselves. Vera was a pioneering presence in the Vietnamese lingerie industry, aimed to embolden the natural beauty of Vietnamese women stemmed from their inner well-being. After the success of VERA, Jockey– renowned American underwear, sleepwear and sportswear brand – joined Son Kim Retail’s business portfolio in 2001 and quickly became a household name in Vietnam. Today, VERA and Jockey have a series of over 1,000 stores which generate thousand dollars of revenue annually. Son Kim Retail has expanded to include more than 15 brands in 2021 across multiple industries including fashion, F&B, spa, logistic, etc.…. generating more than US$46 million of year-on-year revenue in the Vietnamese retail industry.

Changes to evolve and spearhead trends

Son Kim Retail offers a whole new world of experience for Vietnamese people by bringing the best-in-class products and services, from fashion, exotic cuisine to wellbeing. Son Kim’s retail ecosystem has grown across many sectors and was brought together under one roof in 2017 and continued to be expanded and thriving in the Vietnamese market.

4 years after Son Kim Retailentered a joint venture with GS Retail, the Korean convenient store chain GS25 has established a foothold in the Vietnam retail market, with 46 stores being opened in 2020 alone. Aside from providing the customer with quality goods, convenience and top-notch services, GS25 has created thousands of jobs and business opportunities for Vietnamese people.

Son Kim Retail also offers wellness and healthcare services with the Health Spa franchise, as well as the opportunity to taste the world’s best cuisine right in Vietnam with Watami Japanese Dining, KyoWatami Sushi and Grill, French restaurant Jardin De Sens and fusion cuisine restaurant Mama Sens.

Empower people through inspiration

One of Son Kim Retail’s ongoing mission is to inspire the young generation to conquer their aspirations. With a drive to create the highest quality of products and services that are tailored for modern needs, Son Kim Retail also strives to provide customers with a new and exciting world of experience.

Son Kim Lifestyle International Center(SLiC) is a prime example. The upcoming project aims to create an ideal destination for startups in the fashion and creative field, as well as the best place to experience every product and service that Son Kim Retail has to offer, and will be introduced in April 2021. This will be the first among a series of complexes that will span the country in the near future.

In 2021, VGS Shop, a part of the Son Kim Retail ecosystem, changed its name to GS Shop as a part of the ongoing partnership with the Korean giant GS Retail. The joint venture also sees the first GS25 store being opened in Hanoias a part of the strategy to become the leading convenience store chain brand in Vietnam

With an ever-expanding ecosystem, Son Kim Retail commits to tirelessly elevating itself to new standards in every aspect of business with products and services that represent quality, innovation and sophistication. Son Kim Retail is becoming a reliable brand, providing sustainable values for partners and investors.

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