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Secrets Promotion on Social Media I Wish I Knew When Started Promoting My Business

Secrets Promotion on Social Media I Wish I Knew When Started Promoting My Business

Until a few years ago, social media was pure entertainment in nature. Today, any social network is interested in monetization, therefore it opens up opportunities for business promotion. After all, everyone wants their start-up business, regardless of what you do, to be advertised everywhere, like these sometimes annoying pop-up offers calling people to check the site and become fabulously rich. Read about how to do this in our material.

Pros and Cons of Social Promotion

Objectively, promotion in social networks is necessary for everyone. However, for a large business, this will be only one of the channels that leads to the site. For small firms, private specialists, Instagram or Facebook can become almost the only way to get new clients.

There are advantages and disadvantages to working on social media. The advantages include:

  • the viral effect of the ad;
  • lack of obsession, the loyal attitude of the audience;
  • large user coverage;
  • relatively low cost of an advertisement and one client.

The disadvantages are:

  • you need to work with your account constantly, regularly post posts, stories, communicate with clients and subscribers;
  • more difficult to control the promotion process;
  • users quickly learn not only about good news from the company but also about negative situations.

For successful promotion, you need to choose the right social network. It can be Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube, or Tik-Tok. It will not be possible to choose one strategy, draw up a single content plan for maintaining several social networks. Each site has its own characteristics.

General Rules for Maintenance of Social Media

Regardless of the site you choose, there are general tips for mastering it. It must be remembered that people come to a social network to communicate. If an SMM manager makes a group or account as a landing page, duplicates information from the site, then you should not count on a high conversion.

It has been proven that the highest conversion is where people are present. In the company profile, you need to show employees and customers. Employees – to increase the trust of subscribers. Company employees (especially from the sales department) will be able to promptly answer questions from group visitors.

Also, the group should always have current or past customers. An effective technique is to tell their stories, interview them, post real links and photographs of people. The main task is to make potential buyers associate themselves with happy customers. The buyer should form a subconscious logical chain: “This person is satisfied and happy. He purchased this item from this company. I also want to be satisfied and happy, because I need this product. “


The second thing to keep in mind is the sluggishness of most web users. Today, even the usual social platforms are overflowing with ads. Therefore, there are fewer spontaneous purchases: users study, compare and choose what is more profitable for them. Therefore, to bring a potential buyer to the deal, a constant mention of the product or brand is necessary. To do this, it is enough to regularly publish posts and stories.

However, thoughtful publications will be most effective. The firm can post frequently, but they will not be linked – in this case, the probability of a purchase is less. Therefore, you should always have a publication schedule that is associated with a professional calendar. It is required to draw up a content plan in advance, in which there will be daily posts with information, benefits, a story about promotions. However, the plan should mention professional events: you should talk about current presentations, exhibitions, publications in the media, professional holidays.

It is recommended to draw up a content plan in advance, at least a month in advance. This time is enough to prepare photos, videos, and texts. Drawing up a content plan significantly saves the budget when promoting.

Requirements for Content

The third feature of promotion is high requirements for the quality of content. A few years ago, it was possible to find clients thanks to simple photographs taken with a phone. Today, social media posts are expected to have almost the same quality as regular advertising. Therefore, it is recommended to delegate the creation of posts. Take photos and videos with the assistance of a professional photographer and good photographic equipment. Write articles with the help of journalists, copywriters, marketers. You can contact private contractors or start working with an online promotion agency.

However, in the initial stages, it is quite possible to do without investment. Understand the camera settings on your smartphone on your own, master the techniques of writing posts.

The fourth feature, which follows from the third, is the need for investments. You rarely get promoted for free.

Instagram Social Integration as an Example

The most popular is Instagram. The number of daily active users is 500 million. There are several trends and rules in promoting through a social network. The first rule is to show your subscribers beautiful content. It is necessary to follow the tape, adhere to a single style in the photographs. An effective technique is to make a showcase of goods in the feed: show the products from advantageous sides, tell about their properties. The second rule is to constantly communicate with readers. To get feedback from customers, you can use polls, quizzes, live broadcasts. Be sure to encourage readers to be active: do not hesitate to ask for likes, ask questions at the end of the post, and invite them to the discussion.

The main trend in recent years has been collaboration with bloggers. But if before the most attractive were large bloggers with a population of over one million, now companies are increasingly turning to micro-influencers with 5,000-50,000 subscribers. But in order not to waste your budget, you need to study the blogger’s profile before paying him for advertising.

You should pay attention to such things:

  • engagement of subscribers – the more likes, detailed comments, the more lively the audience;
  • the blogger’s communication style, his philosophy, and outlook on life. If you turn to a vegetarian blogger with a proposal to advertise a meat restaurant, he will most likely refuse;
  • his previous advertising collaborations. If possible, it is worth requesting the data of those who have already advertised with this influencer. It’s worth looking at how high the conversion rate was from this ad.

For a deeper analysis of the influencer’s activities, you can use an analytics program. It allows you to see data about all the blogger’s posts, the number of new subscribers and unsubscriptions, comments, likes. From this data, you can understand which subscribers are live or cheated.


It is known that different categories of buyers prefer different social networks. Young people are interested in Instagram and YouTube. Facebook opens up opportunities for entering the international market. However, each social network has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you skillfully combine sites, you can quickly increase sales and brand awareness.

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