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SAP Expands People to Work Program by SAP to Equip More Job Seekers with Skills and Certification


SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) said it would globally expand its job skills-building program, People to Work by SAP, which has helped more than 400,000 job seekers and professionals reskill or add skills.

Over 80% of those awarded SAP Global Certification digital badges as a result of participating in the program gained employment.

The People to Work program by SAP brings together various country-specific training programs for job seekers, workers who need to reskill due to changing job requirements, people threatened by unemployment and the underemployed. Upon successful completion of the program and exam, SAP awards learners with SAP Global Certification digital badges to verify their competence, thereby facilitating their reentry into the job market.

First established in Germany, the publicly funded program has already branched out into countries such as Denmark and South Korea. It uses high-quality learning content provided by SAP, social competence topics and soft skills to equip unemployed and those wanting to further their qualifications with the skills needed to solve the digital challenges of the future. Delivered by an extensive partner network, the program offers a wide range of training options that are hosted in traditional classroom and virtual learning environments.

“While digital transformation has brought about a tremendous amount of progress and innovation, it has also changed jobs as we know them today and has put many people at risk of unemployment,” said Maxwell Wessel, Chief Learning Officer, SAP SE. “To help counteract the rising unemployment at an early stage, the People to Work program by SAP focuses on helping people who are looking to get back into employment, while enabling them to develop the digital skills that are necessary to thrive in the future workforce.”

The rapid pace of the digital transformation has accelerated over the last year fueled by the global pandemic. According to the World Economic Forum, 42% of the core skills required for jobs will change by 2022.

“My thirst for knowledge has been quenched and stimulated at the same time,” said Bettina Maas, a former program participant. Today she is a successful SAP software trainer and leader.

To learn more about how the People to Work program has impacted the lives of many across Europe, watch this video. Learn more about the program in your country.

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