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Making Ultrasound More Accessible: GE Healthcare’s New Versana Essential Combines Quality and Affordability

GE Healthcare introduces an easy-to-use ultrasound system bringing advanced capabilities to a range of physicians, including OB/GYN, general practitioners, and family practice physicians 

Helping clinicians expand diagnostic capabilities and increase patient satisfaction, GE Healthcare today unveiled a new ultrasound system with impeccable image quality and advanced yet easy-to-use features.  From obstetrics and gynecology to general practitioners and family practice physicians, Versana Essential1 offers an imaging system that enables clinicians to confidently deliver the next level of care to their patients. At an affordable cost, this ultrasound system helps to meet realities on the ground.

“Ultrasound is now an essential part of the diagnostic tool kit in general practice. It’s great for quickly determining whether a patient is suffering from a particular illness or a serious condition that needs to be treated immediately in the hospital,” says Dr. Tobias Albrecht, a general practitioner in Germany. “The Versana Essential ultrasound system’s image quality is outstanding. The supplementary functions are very good, and the system continually produced excellent images.”


Ultrasound has proven to be an indispensable imaging device in diverse clinical settings, particularly in primary care settings, as it enables quicker and more definitive diagnoses – resulting in fewer referrals to more costly facilities for diagnosis and greater patient confidence in their primary care providers. Bringing an accessible ultrasound into the primary care practice, Versana Essential software designed to simplify workflow, making the system easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to own. Tools such as the Whizz one-touch dynamic image optimization and Auto IMT measurement allow clinicians to focus on patients rather than parameter adjustments.

“Versana Essential is especially suited for physicians who want to incorporate ultrasound into their practice or want to move up from standard black-and-white systems,” said Rob Walton, general manager of GE Healthcare Primary and Affordable Care. “It offers sophisticated imaging features backed by comprehensive service and support, including flexible financing options that make the system easy to own.”

With today’s increasing patient volumes and need for care around the world, Versana Essential helps adapt to new challenges balancing capability, affordability and quality.

1 Versana Essential is not available in all countries. Please contact your GE Healthcare sales representative for detailed information.

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