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Making Extra Cash: Innovative Side Hustles to Run When Work Dries Up

Making Extra Cash_Innovative Side Hustles to Run When Work Dries Up

The whole world is still feeling the effects of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the impact of measures that were brought in to fight it. Staff for leading brands from Rolls-Royce to Versace and Nike are seeing their hours cut and regular work dry up. Keeping busy is essential if this applies to you, and having fun with PA online gambling sites or taking up a new hobby can help get you through this challenging period.

But what do you do about money if your work dries up? Many who work for major brands around the world might now be seeing a real drop in their usual hours and income. That is not great when you still have bills to pay and a family to feed. While there is some help out there, such as COVID-19 mortgage relief, the best thing to do is to find a few good side hustles to run. This is also a great way to earn some extra money when things get back to normal.

Which are the most innovative side hustles to try out though?

Teach online lessons

This is a fabulous idea for the current world we live in, as lots of people are stuck at home and are looking for online tuition. It is also a very innovative side hustle to run anyway, as lots of people like to study online from home in normal times. The key is to have a skill or knowledge that others will want to pay you to teach them. There are a couple of ways you could go about it  – from setting up a course on online videos that people pay to access in advance or doing live online lessons that are paid for each time. The technology, such as Udemy or Zoom, is now there to do this easily and cheaply.

Build mobile apps

If you want to do something different and let your creativity flow, why not build mobile apps? We all know how popular apps are with people around the world. If you build ones that takeoff, then it can earn you serious money to help your current cashflow. Platforms like AppyPie and AppMakr make it pretty simple to create your own with limited coding knowledge. The most important thing with any app is the idea – you need to think of something that people will want to pay to download or which will be so popular, advertisers will pay to be shown on it.

Become an illustrator

Do you have excellent drawing skills and enjoy coming up with cartoon characters or animations? If so, then you could become an illustrator for now if work has dried up. Working as a pro cartoonist or illustrator is a great side hustle, and you will have enough time now to focus on it. Naturally, it requires great creativity, and you need to produce illustrations that are up to a high standard. If you can do so, there are plenty of companies out there who are looking for cartoonists or illustrators to work on their projects.

Write an eBook

There are some well-worn ideas around side hustles you could try, such as setting up a blog or becoming a freelance copywriter. Have you thought about writing your own eBook to sell online? Popular self-publishing platforms make it super easy and help you sell it to people around the world. The great thing about this side hustle idea is that there are no set-up costs, you can write about anything you like, and you have the time to get it together if work is slow at the moment. You don’t have to write a massive 1,000-page epic either! If you need money fast, a shorter eBook can easily be put together in a day or two!

Explore online investing

Many people make great money through online investing. It’s actually easier than you think to get started, and there are all kinds of emerging investment opportunities to help you find something appealing. You could have success with self managed super fund cryptocurrency to grow your assets and have a great income for when you retire too. Explore the options that are out there and see if investing can work for you.

Creative and innovative side hustles to make money

The real beauty with all of the above ideas is that they can help you make money quickly and do not require lots of resources to get going. All can be done at home, and allow you to work in a way that ties in with current Stay At Home orders or the lockdown laws. Even when the lockdown is done, they are a great way to bring extra money into the home. If you find your current income is down a lot on what you usually make, why not try one or all of the above?

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