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Made.Com – We Are Different By Design

Founded in 2010, MADE.COM has disrupted the industry to become Europe’s leading online brand for interior design. Operating across the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Spain and the Netherlands via its e-commerce platform, the brand also has seven showrooms globally, with flagship brand experiences in London and Paris. Digital native, MADE connects designers and makers to customers caring about desirable design and sustainability, to make homes feel as personal and original as the people living inside

MADE is powered by an innovative business model centred around a flexible, asset-light and data-led ‘just-in-time’ supply chain that only produces design-led, small batches of furniture and homewares. Vertically integrated across all functions and processes, it covers the entire product lifecycle from development and sourcing to global shipping, warehousing and home delivery.

Operating at the intersection of design and technology, MADE platform takes consumers on a journey: from outreach that makes exceptional design discoverable to a frictionless digital shopping experience. The result? A bold and ever-changing range, with new collections, launched every week and approximately 7,000 active references in the catalogue. To make this happen, MADE can count on a rich design ecosystem. In addition to its in-house team, MADE Studio, the brand partners each year with over 150 up-and-coming and world-renowned talent, independent brands, artists and creative minds from around the globe.

Beyond its brand commitment to great design, MADE is taking positive steps to minimise its impact on people and the planet. In 2021, its sustainability commitments marked another stage in the brand’s journey towards becoming a circular and responsible business by 2025. The focus is on four key areas; firstly, the responsible sourcing of raw materials; secondly, ensuring all packaging is fully recyclable and plastic-free; thirdly, promoting and providing initiatives that extend the life of products, and fourthly, providing MADE’s customers with transparent information to enable them to shop more responsibly.

Amongst those tangible initiatives: the ongoing partnership with Les Résilientes, the design studio of Emmaüs Alternatives, France’s largest charity, to create upcycled collections entirely made from damaged MADE products, but also the launch of zero-waste, a zero-cost give-away initiative with donation platform Geev, offering MADE customers a simple, easy and cost-free way to find a new home for unwanted items, lessen their impact on the planet and support their local communities with 10% of the value of their new MADE purchase being donated to one of four national charities on their behalf.

Want to get inspired and join the movement? People are at the heart of MADE’s contemporary and daring vision, and the brand has created a community as passionate about design as it is. From reviews on product pages to 1.5 million fans on Instagram, nothing makes the brand prouder than seeing real people sharing its products in their homes, elevating the every day and helping them express themselves.

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